7/19/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


Product innovation from Henkel: Bref Power Active

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Fourfold power for a fresh toilet

The toilet isn’t clean enough? A thing of the past! Bref Power Active offers an innovative combination of active components. As of summer 2010, it will be available in thirty European countries as the first toilet rim block with four active pearls in three different fragrances.

Conventional toilet rim blocks often offer cleaning performance that is less than satisfactory, and they do not really look modern. But the innovation from Henkel provides thorough cleaning with its patented technology, in an attractive and modern design. As of summer 2010, Bref Power Active – WC Frisch Kraft Aktiv in Germany – will provide a thoroughly clean and fresh toilet each time it is flushed – thanks to a fourfold combination of active components consisting of an anti-limescale formula, cleansing foam, dirt repellant, and extra freshness. The four active pearls visualize the fourfold effect.

Combination of active ingredients for powerful cleaning and extra freshness
Bref Power Active is convincing in four different ways:

  • Bref Power Active has a more powerful foaming function than conventional solid rim blocks.
  • The anti-limescale formula makes the toilet dazzlingly clean.
  • Due to the polymer-based formula of the dirt repellant, it takes longer for the toilet to become dirty. The toilet stays clean, while it used to be dirty again after just a few flushes. 
  • Finally, Bref Power Active toilet rim block’s extra freshness also makes it attractive. Due to the larger surface of the unit and the fragrance openings, Bref Power Active releases more fragrance – for up to four weeks of freshness in the bathroom and toilet, flush by flush.

The available fragrances are ”Lemon”, “Pine” and “Ocean Breeze.”

Innovative design – and well-rounded
The design of Bref Power Active is also an innovation: The four-pearl chain with active pearls in yellow and blue (“Lemon”), in green and blue (“Pine”) or in various shades of blue (“Ocean Breeze”) offers an appealing and fresh design in the toilet. The narrow and rounded shape of the four-pearl chain also permits the unit to fit perfectly in the toilet bowl. The four active pearls thus look both attractive and discreet at the same time.

As of summer 2010, Bref Power Active will be available in stores in thirty European countries in the “Lemon”, “Pine” and “Ocean Breeze” fragrances.

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