9/23/2010, Düsseldorf / Gemany


Henkel at the FachPack 2010 fair

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Intelligent system solutions for packaging

As a partner to the packaging industry, Henkel offers its customers not only powerful adhesive technologies but also the equipment needed to assure smooth and efficient production processes. At FachPack 2010, visitors will have an opportunity to learn about proven system solutions that enable reliable quality control and help to achieve lasting cost reductions.

In the packaging industry, Henkel ranks worldwide as one of the leading producers of high-performance adhesives for many different packaging applications, This reputation extends to its matching equipment solutions, which interact perfectly to generate decisive added value in the production process. Visitors to the FackPack 2010 trade fair can discover these benefits for themselves in Hall 6, Stand 439.

AEROBOND system – faster processing, lower consumption
Henkel’s AEROBOND system is one example which is substantially reducing process times and simultaneously improving efficiency in the production of carton or board packages. The system features a laminating adhesive and a unique foaming device – the “GLUE-MIX”-unit – which introduces and optimally distributes controlled quantities of air into the specially developed adhesive. This combination considerably increases the volume of the adhesive, so that significantly less adhesive is used for the same application volume.

The GLUE-MIX unit also has a substantial impact on conditioning times. Conventional adhesive blends typically have a high moisture content, requiring conditioning times of up to 24 hours, which can slow down entire production lines. With AEROBOND, the volume of air in the mix reduces the moisture content and shortens the conditioning time to a maximum of 2 hours, while bond security is increased at the same time. AEROBOND is currently being used globally in sheet-to-sheet and inline lamination. The GLUE-MIX unit is easy to use, robust and reliable, and demonstrates its full potential when paired with AEROBOND laminating adhesives.

ProControl – precise adhesive quantity measurements, optimal usage
The ProControl online monitoring system that Henkel recommends for continuous in-line measurement and control of adhesive application assures highly reliable production results and economical adhesive usage in applications with hotmelts and dispersion adhesives. The universal monitoring device comprises a measuring cell and a control unit with a touchscreen for input and output of all relevant operating data. With an accuracy of +/- 0.5 percent per volume unit, it provides unparalleled precision in adhesive measurement, no matter kind of adhesive application technique is used.

ProControl can be integrated into all common machine types within minutes. The measuring cell is either incorporated into a standard applicator head or delivered as an external unit for use with existing application systems. Production lines with several measuring cells can be controlled centrally via one monitoring unit. Up to 2000 cycles/min can be monitored individually from a starting quantity of 10 mg of adhesive. It is also possible to combine several cycles into one measuring cycle, which increases the measuring accuracy still further. Packaging manufacturers can define any desired upper and lower limits to monitor the adhesive delivery rate. If the rate moves outside these limits, the system emits a warning signal. ProControl from Henkel thus makes it possible to achieve consistent quality while optimizing adhesive usage in the production process at the same time.

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