10/7/2010, Düsseldorf | Munich / Germany


International jury honors Europe’s best marketing strategists

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Tina Müller named “CMO of the Year”

Tina Müller, responsible at Henkel for the global retail business of the company’s hair cosmetics, skin and oral care segments, has been awarded the accolade of “Chief Marketing Officer of the Year”. This is the fifth year that this award has been made. It is specifically conferred in recognition of outstanding and innovative marketing achievements that have made a major contribution to corporate success.

The “CMO of the Year” award received by Tina Müller in Munich yesterday is the culmination of a number of years of exceptional achievement. Schwarzkopf, Syoss, Taft, Diadermine and Theramed are just some of the brands in Henkel’s Cosmetics division for which Tina Müller is responsible. The success of these brands is very much based on innovative and creative marketing strategies developed and implemented by Tina Müller and her team.

Apparently, this was also the view of the jury members, all high-caliber representatives of the business, academic and media world. In making its selection, the jury assessed the dimensions of Strategy and Organization, Brand and Marketing Communication, Product Design and Pricing, and Customer Relationships.

Tina Müller can look back on a successful career with Henkel spanning more than 14 years. After achieving an impressive brand turnaround in just two years as Marketing Director in the Italian market, she returned to Henkel headquarters in 2004.

There, Tina Müller elevated marketing to the level of a strategic management task. And since that time, issues relating to brand campaigns and innovation have been decided upon at the highest level. Also under Tina Müller’s influence, the presence of Schwarzkopf as an umbrella brand was promoted in the media and the advertising budget was significantly increased.

Mega-brands Schwarzkopf and Syoss
Among the high points were an exceptionally effective international campaign celebrating Schwarzkopf’s 111th anniversary, and the international launch of the Syoss hair cosmetics brand, a range that offers professional brand quality at an attractive price. According to IRI 2009, Syoss was the most successful product launch in the European cosmetics market in 2009. In Germany, it was the most successful launch in the entire FMCG market in that year, and the most successful in the hair care, hair styling and colorants segments of the last ten years. Schwarzkopf was awarded the German marketing prize in 2009, and in March 2010, Syoss received the brand award conferred by the German Marketing Association in the category “Best New Brand”. Generating annual sales of 1.7 billion euros, Schwarzkopf has grown into one of the top hair cosmetics brands in the world. And the Henkel hair cosmetics business is the fastest growing in Europe in all categories: hair care, hair styling and colorants. Over the last five years, Henkel Hair Cosmetics has seen its market share steadily and significantly increase throughout Europe.

Focus on innovations
The critical factors for success here are an effective innovation policy and a successful, modern marketing mix with the right product quality and design intertwined within the emotional structure of the brand identities. Together with her international team, Tina Müller has put in place a marketing-aligned innovation process with a clear task structure. The ephemerality of the cosmetics segment is being countered by customer-focused consumer research: with globally active trend scouts and special study programs, insights are acquired that reveal the purchasing and beauty care habits of potential customers.

As part of the process of establishing an innovation culture, today all Henkel’s cosmetics employees contribute to product innovation via a virtual “Innovation Lounge”. In just four years, this has accumulated over 6,000 ideas – one of the major reasons why, today, 40 percent of Henkel’s cosmetics sales is attributable to products that have been launched onto the market in the last three years. The marketing effort behind this success has been tremendous, as has now been recognized by the jury in their conferral of the “CMO of the Year” title.

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