11/25/2010, Düsseldorf


Henkel again to attend the third German Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf

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Helping companies to act sustainably

On November 26, the German Sustainability Award will be presented for the third time during the German Sustainability Conference in Düsseldorf. The aim of the award is to encourage and assist companies in pursuing sustainable policies and help anchor the principles of sustainable development more effectively in public awareness. As one of the winners of the first Sustainability Award, Henkel is supporting the event as a partner, and will itself be showcasing strategies for innovative sustainable consumption during the German Sustainability Conference.

“Innovative sustainable consumption – what really matters to the consumer”: this topic is high on the agenda at Henkel and also features in the program for the German Sustainability Conference. Together with experts from industry and business, Ulf Wentzien, Corporate Vice President Global Consumer Intelligence and Head of the Sustainability working group in the Henkel Laundry & Home Care business sector, will discuss how companies can respond to the situation whereby consumers place high value on quality and sustainability on the one hand, yet exhibit extreme price-sensitivity on the other.

For Henkel the key to sustainable consumption lies in innovative products and processes that require increasingly fewer resources while offering an identical or better performance profile. At its stand during the German Sustainability Conference, Henkel will use three examples from its Laundry & Home Care, Cosmetics/Toiletries, and Adhesive Technologies business sectors to illustrate how this approach can be implemented in practice.

One aspect of Henkel’s sustainability strategy is the use of substances based on renewable raw materials, provided this is feasible in terms of the ecological, economic and social factors involved. The active ingredients used in Terra cleaners and detergents, for example, are based predominantly on plant-derived raw materials rather than petrochemicals. Indeed, among the cleaners, an average of 85 percent of the active ingredients are based on renewable raw materials. The figure for detergents is around 60 percent. Yet both Terra household cleaners and Terra laundry detergents offer excellent performance. Henkel has also purchased sustainability certificates in respect of the palm kernel oil used in Terra products. This ensures that, for the quantity of palm kernel oil used in each Terra product, an equivalent quantity of sustainable palm kernel oil has been produced and brought onto the market.

Right Guard
Henkel is seeking to systematically align its activities along the entire value chain to the challenges of sustainable development that are of importance to the company – but what exactly does that mean? The example of Right Guard, an anti-perspirant deodorant effective for 48 hours, illustrates how optimizations in formulation, production and logistics can lead to a more favorable overall ecological footprint while also appreciably increasing consumer benefit.

Sustainable Car
The website at www.henkel-car.com presents instances where the use of Henkel technologies during automotive production results in enhanced sustainability. These range from a reduced number of process stages, through savings in energy and water consumption, to quieter, lighter and safer vehicle designs. For instance, the use of technologies from the Terokal, Terocore and Terophon brands affords savings of 2.3 grams of CO2 and 0.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers*. Henkel is thus helping to increase efficiency and quality throughout the entire auto industry.

* The actual data may vary from case to case. This statement relates to all information given in the Henkel Benefit Calculator –  further details can be found on the internet.

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