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Loctite history

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Loctite – a success story

For over 50 years, Loctite has provided customers and consumers with advanced adhesive and sealing solutions. With over 5,000 patents, Loctite leads the adhesive category in the industry and it is superglue market leader for consumers.

Loctite is known to offer high-performance adhesives and sealants. It offers chemical products and equipment solutions for automotive applications, industrial manufacturing, as well as for electronics, aerospace and medical technology. Loctite products can also be found in the toughest applications for instance in Dakar race cars, in Terex special trucks for construction or to manufacture Porsche race cars.

The Loctite story began in the Trinity College basement laboratory of Dr. Vernon Krieble of Hartford, Connecticut, in 1953. Together with his son, Robert, also a Ph.D. chemist, this entrepreneurial chemistry professor developed a cure inhibition system for a unique liquid bonding resin that hardened in the absence of air – an anaerobic sealant. Loctite made its official public debut at a press conference at the University Club in New York on July 26, 1956. The promise of solving the age-old problem of loose nuts and bolts in machines and appliances – a problem, customers had long ago accepted as unsolvable – led to an incredible flow of inquiries. This laid the foundations for the brand’s philosophy of providing solutions to seemingly impossible problems.

In the 1960s, cyanoacrylates (also known as superglues or instant adhesives) were developed under the Loctite brand. In 1975, Loctite provided this technology, already proved in the industry, to the consumers market to fulfill the daily gluing needs also at home.

Silicones, epoxies, acrylics and the development of further generations of anaerobic and cyanoacrylate technologies and products followed.

Throughout its history, Loctite has continued to create markets by discovering opportunities where no one knew they existed. From its founding, based on a product that solved an “unsolvable” problem, Loctite has consistently achieved success through innovation.

With a brand history stretching back over fifty years, Loctite today leads the market in high-performance adhesives, sealants and chemical products. Marketed in more than 80 countries around the world, Loctite has been part of Henkel since 1997. Henkel is the leading global supplier of adhesives for consumers and craftsmen as well as for industrial applications.

Loctite brand milestones

  • 1953 Invention of the anaerobic adhesive by Prof. Vernon Krieble and his son,  Dr. Robert Krieble
  • 1956 Loctite is registered as a trademark in the USA
  • 1966 Production of the first cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • 1975 Launch first cyanoacrylate for consumers
  • 1997 Henkel acquires the Loctite Corporation
  • 2006 Relaunch superglue range with a shock-resistant formula
  • 2008 Launch of the first flexible instant adhesive formula: PowerFlex

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