04/16/2010, Düsseldorf / Germany


Loctite Power Easy with longer bonding time


Gluing fingers has lost its fear

Neither accidentally glued fingertips nor chemical smell and always enough time to reposition while gluing with superglues. Not imaginable? The new Loctite Power Easy makes all this happen. Thanks to a new formulation Loctite Power Easy offers at least twice as much bonding time as standard Loctite superglues. So there’s no need to be afraid of applying superglues any longer.

The big advantage of instant adhesives is their speed of reaction, but it is precisely this speed that presents the biggest challenge in this case. They bond virtually all materials within seconds also including human skin. Especially beginners see this speed as a problem because what they intend to repair – for example a handle of a porcelain cup – needs to be arranged precisely.

With Loctite Power Easy Henkel has developed a new generation of superglue. Consumer insights were transferred to innovation: It comes with a slowed-down formulation so that fingers are not glued immediately and additionally it offers extra time for repositioning to achieve perfect results. If a drop goes wrong there is still enough time left to wash the adhesive off or to correct glue failures. Loctite Power Easy offers at least twice as much bonding time as standard Loctite superglues. Standard Loctite superglues bond within seconds whereas Loctite Power Easy is still repositionable. Anyhow in comparison to faster superglues the adhesion and the final strength don’t get lost.

The super strong adhesive is suitable for virtually all kinds of materials. Loctite Power Easy is non-irritant and solvent-free, and therefore odorless. Power Easy effects neither nose nor eyes because the formulation is based on methoxyethyl-cyanoacrylate. This is a specific form of cyanoacrylate that does not evaporate any irritating smells as normal superglues do. Moreover, the newly developed cap design facilitates easy opening and safe closure. Another proof that developing the product Henkel attached great importance to health and safety.