11/7/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany


50 years Henkel in Spain

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50th anniversary of Henkel Ibérica

Henkel Ibérica has reasons to celebrate! 50 years ago, in 1961, Henkel entered the Spanish market by buying a local company called Gota de Ambar. The headquarters of Gota de Ambar, the same building in Barcelona where today Henkel Ibérica has its headquarters, was a factory that used to manufacture products for the leather and textile market, oils and grease for the production of soap and shaving bars with brands such as Samba, Culina, Gota de Ambar – very well-known in Spain at that time.

To celebrate this anniversary with all the employees, events are planned on each of the different sites. An exhibition and a corporate video show the 50 years of Henkel Ibérica and the contribution that the Spanish affiliate has made to the industry and the Spanish homes with innovative products and technologies. Innovations such as Neutrex, the first bleach that doesn’t cause yellow in the clothes, Tenn, the first cleaner with bioalcohol or Estrella, the first cleaning bleach in the market, are examples of the pioneering, innovative and leading spirit of the company throughout its history.

Since 1961, with effort, commitment and dedication of the employees have turned Henkel Ibérica into one of the leading companies in the detergents and cosmetics businesses, and undisputed leader in the adhesive business in Spain. Congratulations, Henkel Ibérica!