11/23/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany


MIT Photo Competition

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A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Henkel supports employees and retirees in their social volunteering activities within the MIT Initiative. MIT means “Make an Impact on Tomorrow”. Proof positive of the success of Henkel Smile is available in the form of photos, sent in by Henkel employees and retirees. The best were now selected in a photo competition.

The winners of this year’s MIT photo competition have been announced, the Henkel jury having selected the best images from a wealth of entries illustrating MIT projects situated all over the world. “Henkel employees and retirees throughout the world sent photos relating to their voluntary activities. And with so many fantastic pictures to choose from, picking the ten winners was extremely difficult,” says one of the competition judges, Nadine Hellhammer, who is also responsible within the Donations Team for the MIT initiative.

All employees and retirees whose voluntary work has been formally acknowledged by Henkel in conjunction with the MIT initiative were invited to submit images of their project. Henkel awarded prizes to the ten best photographs in the form of a special one-time grant of 1,500 euros that will go directly to their charitable MIT project.

Henkel congratulates all the winners and also wishes to thank all MIT volunteers for the wonderful work they are doing!

MIT projects 2011
Since the start of 2011, MIT (“Make an Impact on Tomorrow”) has supported 150 projects involving employees and retirees from Germany alone, providing financial assistance to the tune of over 330,000 euros, plus around 110 product donations to destinations all over the world. This year, MIT has channeled a total of 1 million euros to 256 child-centered projects around the globe.

MIT Initiative

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Social engagement is firmly anchored in Henkel’s history and corporate values.