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"Together for Sustainability"

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Sustainability Club in Argentina

Henkel Argentina concluded the first year of the "Together for Sustainability" initiative in hopes of establishing closer relations with the community of Chivilcoy, a small city around 200 kilometres west of Buenos Aires where Henkel produces more than 20,000 tons of adhesives each year.

Among the activities Henkel employees participated during the year included factory visits, raising environmental awareness at primary schools, and tree planting activities at the Chivilcoy factory. During the factory visit, employees’ children were able to gain a greater insight into renewable energies and waste treament processes. Henkel employees also organized with the coordination of specialized teachers educational programs in which approximately 300 ten-year old children were able to think more in-depth environmental issues and the contributions they can make on their own.

"We are very satisfied with this project as we are already planning the next steps, and adding more and more activities to this club,” said Ignacio Sabino, responsible for Corporate Communications in Henkel Argentina.

“Together for Sustainability” is a long-term initiative that will address different social issues in Chivilcoy focusing mainly on sustainable development.

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Social engagement is firmly anchored in Henkel’s history and corporate values.