4/6/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany


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PwC study gives top rating to Henkel Sustainability Report

The auditing and business consultancy company PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC) recently analyzed the reports of the major listed corporations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The result: top marks for Henkel.

“Entrepreneurial Responsibility in the Age of Transparency” was the title of the study published by PwC in Austria in March 2011. PwC scrutinized non-financial business reporting practice on the basis of the comprehensibility and openness of the information provided by companies on the subject of sustainability.

The German DAX 30 corporations came out top in terms of completeness, transparency and validity. And, with a total of 95 percent, the Henkel Sustainability Report received the highest average score, ahead of Siemens AG and Schweizer Roche Ltd with 94 percent each.