2/8/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany

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Henkel Adhesive Packaging Design Contest

On February 7, Henkel has launched the Henkel Adhesive Packaging Design Contest (www.packdesign-contest.com). This online contest is about developing innovative ideas and designs for the packaging of Henkel consumer adhesive products.

In order to best satisfy customer’s wishes, Henkel is continually working on the development of new adhesive systems. The packaging for these systems does much more than simply offer protection during transport – it must also facilitate their use, draw attention to the product and point to additional intelligent options. In order to continually meet these requirements, developers at Henkel are resorting to the new concept of ‘crowdsourcing’: for the first time, users can proactively influence the design of adhesives packaging.

Participants of this contest are able to comment and evaluate all designs. Packaging developers from Henkel will also contribute to the exchange of ideas. Generally, participation and dialogue will play an important role in the Henkel Adhesives Packaging Design Contest: the contest will be followed on Facebook, Twitter and in design blogs.

After the creative stage of the contest, a panel of experts consisting of specialists from Henkel and respected experts from the academic world will be assessing the submitted proposals. The winner of the contest will be rewarded with a cash price of 3000€.

You are more than welcome to join the contest community. Designers as well as customers are invited to contribute with their design ideas.

Packaging Design Contest

Contest deadline: 18.03.2011