3/25/2011, Düsseldorf / Germany

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Henkel receives international diversity prize

Henkel awarded at World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe.

Henkel has been recognized with the European Diversity Leadership Honour Award in the Multicultural Working Environment category, the jury being particularly impressed by the company’s commitment and transparency in the diversity domain. With employees from 110 nations, of which 50 are represented in its Düsseldorf headquarters alone, Henkel is one of the most international companies in Germany. 

The awards were presented at the World Diversity Leadership Summit Europe, held for its second year in Vienna. “Diversity is an important component in our corporate culture. Our aim is to create a working environment in which, through the formation of heterogeneous teams, the economic, creative and innovative potential of our people are further extended, contributing ultimately to the achievement of even better results,”  commented Anke Meier, Head of Global Diversity & Inclusion.  “For Henkel, diversity is a key success factor.”


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