7/8/2011, Düsseldorf / Gemany


Henkel Innovation Challenge

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Meet the CEO

Students from Poland, France and Turkey now had the chance to personally meet Kasper Rorsted and ask him a full range of questions. They took part in the “Henkel Innovation Challenge”, Henkel’s international ideas competition. Meeting the Henkel CEO is one of the prizes offered to the best teams each year.

This year, students from 18 countries – extending from Europe to Asia – took part in the “Henkel Innovation Challenge”. And the most creative of them had the opportunity to present their ideas and concepts at the international final in Berlin. Henkel also invited the three best teams to Düsseldorf to personally meet Kasper Rorsted.

Rorsted was impressed by the students’ presentations and spent a great deal of time talking to his young visitors. And they had a few questions of their own: What did a CEO’s working day look like? What career tips could Rorsted give? What motivated him? The CEO said that one of the great benefits of his job was that he met and got to know so many interesting people. One of his great motivations was, he said, to see how committed employees develop and thrive. He saw his task in putting the best teams together and encouraging them to perform and achieve. Bugra Tarhan, Ece Settün and Nazli Gürdamar from Turkey all agreed: “Meeting the Chairman of the Henkel Management Board was a fascinating experience for us as students. The talk with Kasper Rorsted was inspiring, impressive and open.”