Loctite Charlies at the Rally Dakar

1/10/2012, Düsseldorf / Germany


"Loctite Charlies" at the Rally Dakar

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Reliable assistants on the way to victory

The Dakar Rally! The world’s most grueling and most challenging annual off-road cross-country rally. Hosted in South America, this year’s Dakar Rally entails surmounting nature’s forces like the wide plains in Argentina, the gigantic Andes Mountains and the severe desert climate from Chile to Peru – and these natural forces are the major hurdles during this race.

The drivers and their teams are aware of the challenges that await them after each triumphant lap; challenges that damage most, if not all of the off-road vehicles during the race because of the rough terrains. Henkel’s presence at the race is rather relieving: Henkel does not only accompany them every step of the race with an infinite amount of adhesive sealing material from the renowned Brands Loctite and Teroson, it also proffers a team of highly skilled technical experts with snappy and on-the-sight repairs should need arise.

Widely known as the "Loctite Charlies", these technical experts from Henkel are present throughout the race. They are usually the first to arrive at the bivouac, ensuring the correct and effective implementation of their Loctite and Teroson products to solve technical problems that might arise. Coupled with their hands-on efficiency and expert know-how during the many recurring cases of emergency, the "Loctite Charlies" are also reliable assistants on the way to victory, thereby making them an indispensable part of the race.

Armed against the technical challenges this race poses, Henkel plays a decisive role in ensuring that the participants and their off-road vehicles, trucks, motorbikes and quads withstand the colossal strain the race places on them. The rally provides an ideal testing ground for newly developed products, confirming the superior quality of Henkel products even under the most extreme racing conditions.

Who are the "Loctite Charlies" for the Dakar Race?
During the Dakar race four highly qualified and experienced Loctite/Teroson technical experts will provide the participants with expert technical guidance on how to use the products they provide. They also ensure that they are present at the Bivouacs with a stockpile of products for nocturnal repairs and maintenance.

Jean Gaborit
Jean is a 60 year old Frenchman who head of the Loctite Charlies Team. He is at the Dakar Rally for the 7th consecutive year. He has served Henkel for 30 years, working for 15 years as field staff and the remaining 15 years as Regional Sales Chief for Europe. Jean is a graduate in technical studies and a holder of a Bachelor degree in Sales Management.

Candido Gomes
Candido is a Portuguese who made his entrance into Henkel 10 years ago in France. He is 47 years old and works at the technical service department which specializes in Automobile Repairs and Maintenance. His profile is graced with a vast hands-on experience on the utilization of adhesive sealing material.

José Cornejo
José is a 37 year old Argentinean who initially came to Henkel in 1999. He is currently in charge of the local Market in the department of Automobile Repairs and Maintenance. Having studied Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration the Rally Dakar is a perfect platform for him to display his competence. He is taking part in the race for the second time.

Ignacio de Améstica
Ignacio is of Chilean origin and is with Henkel since 2006. He is Key Account Manager for Polymer Composite Products. The 29 year old Engineer is also for the second time at the Dakar Rally.

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