2/1/2012, Düsseldorf / Germany


Leading in Sustainability

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Top Rankings for Henkel

Henkel has yielded laudable results in varying Sustainability Rankings, like the „Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies“ and in the „Sustainability Yearbook 2012“.

In comparison to last year, Henkel has upgraded its position from the 61st to the 17th position in the rankings of the “Global 100 Most Sustainable Companies” of the sustainability magazine Corporate Knights. Henkel has thereby outrivaled its most relevant competitors.
The rankings were made public on Wednesday at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is the fourth time Henkel has been on the Ranking of the World’s 100 most sustainable companies, a ranking which is derived from the Morgan Stanley Capital Investment World Index. Companies featuring on this list include those which have distinguished themselves through their remarkable environmental, social and economic engagements.

The ratings which were implemented by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index are now available for public in the “Sustainability Yearbook 2012” published by the SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) Indexes GmbH. Companies are branded in this book as “Sector Leaders” or/and “Sector Movers”. Henkel was recognized as "Sector Leader” in the Market Sector for Non-durable Household Products and received a “Gold” status. In comparison to other top companies in its league, Henkel has recorded the highest accomplishment in Sustainability thereby meriting the additional distinction as a "Sector Mover”.