2/10/2012, Düsseldorf / Germany


A Climbing Experiment



Scaling a wall using Loctite 3090

In a recently produced video, a climber shows the superior performance of the Henkel Loctite 3090 super glue.

“Mind the gap! “ Anyone who has traveled on the London Underground will be familiar with this safety notice. But “minding the gap” is also something that people need to consider when using super glues on porous surfaces. In a video that was recently shot in Barcelona, Dr. Ramon Bacardit, head of Henkel’s adhesives research department shows the superior performance of the Loctite 3090 as a gap-filling super glue by gluing some plastic steps onto a porous concrete wall, using the Loctite two-component adhesive. Moments later, after the conjunction became stable, an experienced climber scales the wall.

Please note: Don’t try this at home!

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