Extra-strong: power adhesives with instant tack

No more power drills, plugs and screws: Extra-strong assembly adhesives with a very high initial tack are increasingly replacing traditional joining methods.

Bonding instead of drilling
High initial tack is the property that allows today’s professional craftsmen and DIYers to make light work of attaching heavy objects even to vertical surfaces. Mirrors, wall linings, window sills and even glass cases will thus stay put on concrete, wood and rigid expanded foam without the need for screws. The development of this product characteristic, also known as instant tack, was a challenge for Henkel’s experts. Normally, a water-based multipurpose adhesive is very viscous and relatively immobile when left in peace. However, as soon as mechanical forces are applied, it starts to flow. In other words, as soon as a heavy object is pressed against a vertical surface, the adhesive becomes fluid and everything starts to slide.

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Striking the right balance
Rheology – the science of the flow and deformation of materials. Rheological properties are crucial in many ways. For example, they determine an adhesive’s ability to fill a relatively large gap between two parts. This is out of the question for liquid adhesives. For assembly adhesives, the experts had to fine-tune the rheological profile to meet the requirements for power bonding. The aim was to achieve a high yield point, because this is the only way of ensuring high initial tack. The challenge was to strike the right balance between high initial tack and ease of application.

Water-based power adhesives
50 or even 100 kilograms of initial tack per square meter with full-surface bonding and high ultimate bond strength – these are the properties of Pattex assembly power adhesives that make all the difference for professional craftsmen and DIYers. And being water-based, the adhesives are also environmentally sound. Because of their performance profile, assembly adhesives are an important product category in the craftsman and DIY sector. In the U.S. market, for example, Henkel has established the first high-performance assembly adhesive that is water-based yet satisfies the wishes and demands of the construction industry. The initial tack of Loctite PowerGrab is nine times higher than that of conventional assembly adhesives. It is almost odorless and can even be washed off with water.

The Flextec® modular system
Key members of the innovative Pattex assembly adhesive family come from Henkel’s Flextec® modular system.
Here you can learn more about the Flextec® technology.

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