Bonderite C-NE 6250 from Henkel
Innovative, bactericide-free neutral cleaner 

A trusted partner in the service of industry for many years, Henkel also supports automobile manufacturers around the world in their efforts to constantly develop better products and make their production processes more efficient and sustainable. As the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel offers solutions along the entire value chain of automobile manufacturing.

enkel and Vitriflex: Joint-Development agreement
Henkel Continues to Drive Innovation Leadership 

Henkel Adhesives Technologies, the leading solution provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide, is further driving its innovation capabilities and leadership forward. As part of its innovation strategy, the company is continuously strengthening its technical scouting. The most recent result is the signing of a joint-development agreement with US-based Vitriflex, Inc.

New Loctite 5189 sealant
Exceptional flexibility and blow-out resistant sealant 

Working in conjunction with Ford Motor Company, Henkel – the world’s largest adhesives manufacturer – has developed an anaerobic gasketing sealant for highly stressed engine joints. With exceptional flexibility, Loctite 5189 meets the requirements of the on line blow-out test and thus eliminating the cost of extensive manual rework and offering robust sealing for high volume engine manufacturing.

Innovations in Printed Electronics
Printable Heating Systems and Transparent Inks 

Within the electronics field, more and more applications are coming to the fore that require a uniform, self-regulating heating system – from heated mirrors and underfloor heating systems to batteries. Conventional wire-based solutions are not only cumbersome but also particularly time-consuming and costly to manufacture. Now, with its Loctite ECI 8000 E&C series, Henkel is able to provide an innovative and efficient alternative. Offering a versatile range of conductive carbon paints applied using the screen printing technique, this Henkel development for heating systems brings huge benefits with respect to design flexibility and fast and uniform heating performance, plus an ability to self-regulate system temperature. As world market leader in the provision of tailored solutions based on adhesives, sealants and functional coatings, Henkel will be presenting this and other product innovations at LOPEC (Large-area, Organic & Printed Electronics Convention), the leading international trade fair for printed electronics, in Munich on May 27 and 28, 2014.

Adhesives solutions for the packaging industry
Henkel unveils innovations at the Interpack trade fair 

Henkel will be present at the Interpack show this year with numerous innovations and proven adhesives systems. The focus is on solutions that Henkel has engineered in response to the requirements of the packaging industry.

Top Performer in Innovation 

Henkel’s commitment to innovation has been recognized by the Spanish magazine “Actualidad Económica”. The award is called “The 100 Best Ideas” of the year 2013 and was given to Henkel’s product Loctite Super Glue-3 thanks to the new water resistant formula.

Awards for New Product Innovations
Henkel Wins Pair of Circuits Assembly NPI Awards 

During a special ceremony at last week’s APEX event in Las Vegas, Nevada, Henkel’s Electronics business won NPI Awards for both its high-reliability solder system – Loctite Multicore HF 212 flux medium and 90iSC alloy – and Loctite TAF-8800 thermal absorbent film. Hosted by Circuits Assembly magazine, the NPI Awards evaluate competitive products against one another using very stringent criteria that assess innovation, compatibility, cost-effectiveness, design, speed/throughput improvements, ease of use, and maintainability and reparability. The Henkel materials solutions emerged as clear winners in the respective categories of solder materials and adhesives.

Loctite MAX 3
Lower-weight components for the automotive industry 

Leveraging the synergistic combination of matrix expertise, process know-how and an especially tailored adhesives portfolio, Henkel is able to offer a comprehensive range of sophisticated composite solutions for the automotive industry. With the development of its new polyurethane matrix resin, Loctite MAX 3, the world market leader in adhesives, sealants and functional coatings has taken a further important step toward the fully automated mass production of components based on glass and carbon fiber composite technology. In collaboration with KraussMaffei, Henkel has developed a process for the manufacture of composite components using high-pressure RTM (HP-RTM) technology that creates a surface quality good enough for automobile exteriors. The partner network also includes carbon fiber manufacturer Zoltek and the sports car builder and development services provider Roding Automobile. The technology showpiece adopted for the development for this innovative process was a lightweight yet high-strength carbon roof segment of the 950 kg sports car, the superlight Roding Roadster R1.

Henkel Sustainability & Acoustics Day
Inseparably Linked: Innovation, Efficiency and Sustainability 

Experts from around 100 international industrial customers attended the unique Henkel Sustainability & Acoustics Day event in Heidelberg, Germany, hosted by the business unit Adhesive Technologies. Participants were keen to learn more about how Henkel helps its industrial and automotive partners increase resource efficiency and reduce environmental footprint.

Composite leaf spring
Flexibility and strength for consistent performance  

The leaf springs installed in a wide range of vehicles are traditionally manufactured in steel. However, as the issue of vehicle weight continues to gain importance, solutions offering the benefits of lightweight construction are becoming ever more attractive. Although composite materials are the obvious alternative here, the journey from laboratory prototype to mass production is a long one.

Henkel Presents “Fusion Coating” at ZOW Fair 

Henkel will be presenting its extended portfolio of products and solutions for the wood and furniture industry – including the recently developed “Fusion Coating” process – at ZOW 2014 in Bad Salzuflen, Germany, from February 10 to 13.

Loctite TAF thermal absorbers for handheld devices
Thermal Absorbing Films for Handheld Devices 

To address the heat management challenges associated with higher functioning, smaller footprint handheld devices, Henkel has formulated a series of novel thermal absorbing films. The Loctite TAF portfolio of materials effectively lowers the CPU and skin temperature of popular handheld devices, enabling improved performance, user comfort and product design latitude.

With the low-pressure injection molding technique it is possible to provide protective hotmelt encapsulation
Durable protection for electronic components 

The adhesives industry has evolved continuously over the past years. This has resulted in many new developments, including innovative hotmelts which Henkel markets under the Technomelt brand. These have a broad range of uses, as hotmelts are now available for almost every imaginable application area. With the low-pressure molding technique it is possible not only to bond surfaces but to provide protective encapsulation even for small and delicate electronic components. In the automotive industry in particular, the resistance of the adhesives used to high temperatures, moisture and aggressive oils plays a decisive role in assuring the performance of sensors and other sensitive components.

Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero for durable, high-quality paintable surfaces
Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero with lightning strike protection 

Henkel is launching its innovative epoxy-based surfacing film for composites, which offers honeycomb-cored composites enhanced protection against lightning strike. Loctite EA 9845 LC Aero is based on the modified epoxy film adhesive Loctite EA 9845 SF Aero. It produces a high quality finished part while also enabling a weight saving of 30 percent.

Lightweight component of carbon fibers impregnated by Henkel’s composite matrix resin
Loctite MAX 3 – the latest generation of polyurethane matrix resins 

Through the development of its new polyurethane matrix resin, Loctite MAX 3, Henkel has taken a further important step toward fully automated series production of composite components for the automotive industry. In collaboration with KraussMaffei, Henkel – the world market leader for adhesives, sealants and surface treatment technologies – has developed a process for the manufacture of components based on glass or carbon fiber and using high-pressure RTM (HP-RTM) technology that creates a surface quality good enough for automobile exteriors. Using a model of the light, high-strength carbon fiber roof segment of the Roding Roadster R1, this innovative production process is due to be presented at “K,” the world’s most important trade fair for the plastics and rubber industries, due to place from October 16 to 23 in Düsseldorf.

Henkel at FILTECH 2013 in Wiesbaden
Innovations for HVAC and seawater desalination technologies 

All kinds of manufacturers of filters can now look forward to a new generation of adhesives from Henkel, developed to facilitate the efficient production of high-performance end products. Appearing at FILTECH 2013 in Wiesbaden, Germany, from October 22 to 24, Henkel – the world’s leading supplier of adhesives, sealants and surface treatment technologies – is now set to present these innovative products to the filter industry.

Sustainable innovation: casein-free adhesive Aquence XP 190
Sustainable innovations for labeling and packaging 

Henkel is set to showcase a number of innovations for the beverage and liquid food industries at this year’s Drinktec in Munich, due to be held between September 16 and 20. The casein-free adhesive Aquence XP 190 for the labeling of glass containers ideally complements the high-performance Henkel portfolio, while the packaging hotmelt Technomelt Supra 100 Cool exhibits the lowest application temperature on the global market.

New Technomelt Supra 100 Cool offers a wide application window
New Henkel hotmelt adhesive sets high standards 

With an application temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, Technomelt Supra 100 Cool from Henkel is the new record-holder among hotmelt adhesives used in the packaging industry. Combined with the benefits of the proven Supra product range, this Henkel innovation delivers higher efficiency in packaging production while also promoting sustainability in customer operations.

Innovative production process for high-performance lubricants 

Henkel has commissioned a new production line at its Scheemda facility (Netherlands), the company’s most important European site for the manufacture of die lubricants/release agents and specialty surface coatings. Thanks to innovative technology employed in grinding the graphite feedstock, the plant is now able to manufacture high-performance lubricants for the automotive and electronics industries with higher quality and bigger capacity.  As a result, the production process has been optimized in terms of both flexibility and stability, as well as delivering tangible sustainability improvements.

Teroson PU 8590 LD – the new high-performance adhesive for omnibus construction
A sustainable PUR innovation 

Thanks to its low density, the new high-performance elastic adhesive Teroson PU 8590 LD for direct glazing and assembly work in vehicle construction enables manufacturers to achieve a significant reduction in vehicle weight. The use of the new PUR adhesive from Henkel in the production and repair shop thus helps to cut emissions and save fuel.

Collaboration revolutionizes automotive manufacturing 

Henkel has developed a new polyurethane matrix resin for the resin transfer molding process (RTM) that will speed up the production of composite components in the automotive industry. Henkel’s know-how in the field of polyurethane-based composite matrix resins and the expertise of KraussMaffei, one of the world’s leading makers of manufacturing and processing machinery for plastics, have proven to be a perfect match. The outcome: Curing times of just one minute are now possible – a significant advance for fast and efficient volume production of fiber composite components.

Henkel at Engine Expo 2013
Innovative solutions from Henkel for the powertrain 

Aimed at meeting the ever-increasing requirements on automotive efficiency, performance and service life, Henkel has developed an array of innovative product solutions covering the full range of powertrain manufacturing processes. Henkel’s presence at “Engine Expo 2013” – Europe’s leading international trade fair for engine technologies, taking place from June 4 to June 6 in Stuttgart, Germany – will focus on a range of multifunctional surface treatment solutions, adhesives and sealants designed to contribute to the optimization of assembly processes.

Loctite Ablestik ICP 4000 Series Materials Withstand High Temperature
New Silicone-Based Electrically Conductive Adhesives  

Recognizing the emerging requirements of higher temperature, higher vibrational energy automotive sensor applications, Henkel has developed a new portfolio of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives (ECAs) with unique properties to address harsh environmental conditions. The Loctite Ablestik ICP 4000 series of ECAs withstand operating temperatures as high as 200 degrees Celsius and deliver the flexibility required to cope with significant vibration.

New solvent-free laminating adhesives from the Liofol LA 7777 family
Henkel unveils adhesive innovations for flexible packaging 

Henkel is presenting a full range of new adhesives and coatings from March 19 to 21 at the International Converting Exhibition 2013 in Munich, Germany. With these latest innovations, the market leader in adhesives and sealants is further expanding its broad portfolio for the flexible packaging industry.

Aquence PS 6025 is especially suited for sticking transparent films
New clear-on-clear water-based acrylic PSA  

At this year’s ICE in Munich from March 19 to 21, Henkel will be presenting innovative pressure sensitive adhesives (PSA) for manufacturing labels and self-adhesive films. With the acquisition last year of the high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives product range of the US-based specialty chemicals company Cytec Industries Inc., Henkel has further enhanced its competencies in high-performance pressure sensitive adhesives.

Lightweight, fiber-reinforced leaf springs based on polyurethane matrix resin
Series production of composite leaf springs 

Henkel is combining its specialist expertise in the field of polyurethane chemistry with the know-how of Benteler-SGL, one of the leading manufacturers of composite components for automotive applications. The collaboration has made it possible to mass-produce lightweight, fiber-reinforced leaf springs based on polyurethane matrix resin.


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