Step 1: Protect your idea with a patent

For both the protection of Henkel and the inventor, we will only accept your submission if it is covered by an issued patent, if your patent application has been published, or a design patent or utility model has been registered and is available in the public domain.

What does this mean for you?
One of Henkel’s goals is to establish itself in the years to come as the “Innovation Leader” in its global markets. One of your goals, as an independent inventor, may be to put your idea into practice. If you can help us identify a product or idea that we feel our company could utilize, Henkel may be interested in talking to you further. Depending on the status of your idea, collaboration with Henkel could proceed in one of two ways: 

  • Published intellectual property rights / ideas for which extensive evaluation is still necessary: Frequently, the long term value of an idea to a company can only be judged in concrete terms after an extensive evaluation. If we feel that the idea could be of interest, Henkel will conduct this evaluation and bear the associated costs. For you, this increases the chances that your idea might be utilized, even if Henkel decides on the strength of the evaluation results not to use the idea after all. 
  • Published or granted intellectual property right that could be utilized as it is or in a slightly modified form: In this case, we would offer you, as the holder of the intellectual property right, either to purchase the patent, utility model or design from you, or to enter into a licensing agreement with you. If any evaluation is required prior to this, Henkel would conduct the evaluation and bear the associated costs.