Step 3: Internal review and evaluation

The submitted patented ideas will be reviewed and evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. Does the idea fit Henkel’s business portfolio?
  2. Does the idea fit Henkel’s strategy?
  3. How high is the level of innovation?
  4. To what extent does the idea meet customer/consumer needs?
  5. Can the idea be put into practice?
  6. Does the idea have market potential? Or, in the case of an idea for methods or processes: Will the idea bring improvements in terms of environmental protection, substitution of raw materials, cost savings, or similar?

The deciding factors are whether the patent idea is relevant to Henkel’s business and whether Henkel considers that its utilization or further elaboration has the potential for success.

The examination and evaluation process may take several months, so please be patient.

Once the examination and evaluation process has been completed, we will notify you of the results. In some cases we may have to request more information from you in order to complete the evaluation.

Please note that many of the ideas submitted may already be disclosed in prior literature and patents, may have been previously considered or already developed by us, or we may currently be developing an idea that is similar to your idea. Henkel could have examined your idea at some time in the past and decided that it was not appropriate. Please understand that we will not give any reasons as to why we decide not to pursue an idea.