Annual General Meeting 2008

On April 14, 2008 our AGM took place. You can download all relevant information below.


Dividend Announcement
Speech Prof. Dr. Ulrich Lehner
Invitation Annual General Meeting
Leaflet procedural information AGM

Leaflet Annual General Meeting (Participation/Proxy Voting)

Counter Motions
Annual Report 2007
Financial Statements Henkel KGaA 2007

List of subsidiaries and affiliates of Henkel KGaA/Group 2007

Documentation "Henkel AG & Co. KGaA" (agenda item 10)
Comparison old/new Articles of Association
Articles of Association Henkel Management AG
Report to AGM

Amendment agreement Elch/Henkel KGaA
Amendment agreement Loctite-KID/Henkel KGaA
Report on the agreement Elch/Henkel KGaA
Report on the agreement Loctite-KID/Henkel KGaA
Financial Statements Henkel KGaA 2006
Financial Statements Henkel KGaA 2005
Financial Statements Elch 2006
Financial Statements Elch 2005
Financial Statements Loctite-KID 2006
Financial Statements Loctite-KID 2005
Financial Statements Loctite-KID 2004