Annual General Meeting

When and where will the next Annual General Meeting take place?

The next Annual General Meeting will take place on April 4, 2014 in Düsseldorf.

Further information about the Annual General Meeting can be found here.

What are the conditions of participation in the Annual General Meeting? How will I receive my admission card?

Participation in the Annual General Meeting is restricted to those shareholders who have registered with the Company and have presented a certificate of proof in text form in German or English, confirming their ownership of Henkel shares, issued by the depository bank or depository financial services institution holding their shares. The registration and the certificate must be sent to the office indicated in the relevant invitation to the AGM within the time period indicated in the invitation (usually 7 days prior to the date of the AGM).

The certificate confirming ownership of shares must relate to the start of the 21st day prior to the AGM. Shareholders wishing to participate in the AGM should inform their depository bank or depository financial services institution as early as possible. This bank or institution will then send the registration and the certificate of ownership of shares in the required form to the registration office, which will then issue the admission cards for the AGM and send these to the shareholders concerned.

What can I as a shareholders do if I have registered in time but have not received, or have lost, my admission card?

Provided that you have duly registered and provided proof of your ownership of shares, you merely need to make yourself known to the Shareholders’ Desk in the Congress Center Dusseldorf on the day of the AGM, and inform the people there that you have either not received your admission card in time or that you have lost it. You will then be issued with a replacement admission card.

How can I exercise my voting rights without attending the Annual General Meeting?

Shareholders not wishing to attend the Annual General Meeting personally may have their voting rights (ordinary shares only) exercised at the Annual General Meeting by proxy, e.g. by a bank or a shareholders’ association.

In addition, we offer our shareholders the option of being represented at the Annual General  Meeting by proxyholders nominated by the Company. The shareholders availing themselves of this facility require for this purpose an admission card to the Annual General Meeting to which a corresponding proxy form is attached.

The proxies must be assigned in writing. Insofar as proxyholders nominated by the Company are vested with this authority of representation, instructions must be issued as how the voting rights are to be exercised. Without these instructions, the proxy is invalid. The proxyholders are obliged to cast the votes as instructed. Please note that the proxyholders cannot accept instructions to speak to the meeting, submit motions or ask questions.
We also offer our shareholders the facility of issuing their proxies and instructions to the proxyholders nominated by the Company electronically or via the internet instead of in written form, using the procedures stipulated by the Company.

Details relating to the issue of proxies and instructions to the proxyholders nominated by the Company are contained in an instruction leaflet that is sent to all shareholders. The corresponding information is also made available on the Internet  website in due course.

Is it possible to vote via the internet?

Your proxy and instructions to the proxyholders nominated by the company can also be issued via the internet.  The proxyholders are obliged to vote in accordance with your instructions on the individual agenda items.

Further information can be found on the internet in due time.

Is there a time limit for issuing the written proxy and instructions to the proxyholders appointed by Henkel?

For shareholders wishing to have their voting rights exercised by third parties there are basically two possibilities to issue their proxy and instructions – either in writing or via the internet.

In writing
Shareholders receive the proxy form together with the admission card. The completed and signed proxy form must be dispatched to arrive by the date indicated in the proxy form at the address likewise indicated in the proxy form.

Proxies and voting instructions may be issued or modified via the internet up to and on the day of the Annual General Meeting until the end of the address given by the Chairman of the Management Board.

Where are countermotions by shareholders published?

Where notifiable motions by shareholders (countermotions) pertaining to the agenda of the Annual General Meeting have been received, you will be able to read their wording on the internet.

Is there a broadcast of the Annual General Meeting on the internet?

The opening of the Annual General Meeting by the Chairman of the Meeting and also the presentation given by the Chairman of the Management Board can be followed live on the internet by anyone wishing to do so. The voting results will also be published in the internet after the Annual General Meeting.