Which role does sustainability play for Henkel?

Commitment to leadership in sustainability is one of our core corporate values. As sustainability leaders, we aim to pioneer new solutions for sustainable development while continuing to shape our business responsibly and increase our economic success. This ambition encompasses all of our company’s activities – along the entire value chain, and is the basis upon which we developed our sustainability strategy for 2030: We want to achieve more with less and triple our efficiency in the next 20 years. In view of the increasing demand on limited natural resources, we must continue to improve. In moving ahead, we will focus on involving our employees even more deeply in our sustainability activities, intensifying our collaboration with our partners along the value chain, and further improving our evaluation, steering and communication tools.

How does Henkel implement sustainability in its everyday activities?

The Henkel Management Board bears overall responsibility for our sustainability strategy. The Sustainability Council, as a central decision-making body headed by the Executive Vice President Human Resources and Infrastructure Services, steers Henkel’s global sustainability activities. Its members represent the business sectors and all corporate functions.

The daily conduct of our around 47,000 employees plays a key role in ensuring that sustainability does not remain merely an abstract intention. Only if all employees know and understand the principles of sustainability, they will become a guideline to behavior and decision-making in day-to-day work.

How long has Henkel been committed to sustainability?

Henkel's sustainability strategy has evolved continuously. From the very beginning, Henkel has taken responsibility for its employees, neighbors and the community. Since 1927, Henkel has continuously improved its occupational safety through systematic accident prevention. In 1959, the introduction of regular ecological quality checks for detergents and household cleaners was one of the first steps to ensure that products and production had no harmful effect on the environment. In 1991, Henkel was one of the first companies to sign the Business Charter for Sustainable Development of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). Today, worldwide management systems for safety, health and environment are in place, and the concept of sustainability is firmly anchored in Henkel’s corporate policy.

Does Henkel publish a sustainability report?

Yes. Already in 1992 Henkel published its first environmental report and developed it continuously towards today's Sustainability Report. The combination of our Annual Report and our Online-Sustainability Report illustrates our integrated approach of company reporting. Please click here to download the current Sustainability Report or previous issues.

What is the public's perception and assessment of Henkel's sustainability activities?

Research institutes and sustainability analysts regularly assess how companies balance economic, ecological and social factors. Henkel welcomes these external assessments of sustainability performance, which result in greater market transparency. Cross-sector sustainability and ethical indexes also play an increasingly important role in international capital markets. Further details please find here.

In which sustainability indices is Henkel listed?

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How do Henkel's sustainability activities contribute to shareholder value?

We are convinced that our continued focus on sustainability will help to grow the long-term value of our company and to realize our strategic priorities. Our insistence that each new product must combine excellent performance with responsibility toward people and the environment results in increasingly efficient products and improved technical solutions. Thereby sustainability becomes an important driver of economic growth and the generation of competitive advantage in the market. By sharing our decades of experience in sustainability we can offer effective solutions to our customers for improving their own sustainability performance. With our brands and technologies, which combine top quality with responsibility toward people and the environment, we can position Henkel as a leading sustainability partner for our industrial customers, for retailers, and for consumers. In addition, corporate social responsibility strengthens the motivation of our employees and their identification with the company.