At the inaugural ceremony Bruno Piacenza and Dr. Simone Bagel-Trah
35 Million euros for new high-bay warehouse 

Today Henkel opened its largest automated storage facility at its corporate headquarters in Düsseldorf, Germany, marking the end of a project in which the company invested a total of 35 million euros. The result is a superlative facility: built on an area the size of two football fields, its ten rack levels offer storage capacity for more than 25 million packs of laundry and home care products.

Renuzit Adjustables
Renuzit Adjustables receive a charitable redesign 

This summer, Renuzit colored outside the lines and partnered with Fresh Artists, a non-profit organization benefiting art programs in underprivileged schools. 

The Adhesive Technologies sales team was recognized in the Do-It-Yourself category
Awards for Henkel’s sales teams  

Henkel teams scooped two prestigious awards at the 2014 “Trophées LSA des Forces de Vente” (FMCG’s Sales Forces Award Ceremony). Organized by LSA (the leading magazine for the French retail industry), this French event rewards the performance of companies’ sales forces, who are assessed on different criteria by a national jury of retailers and consumer-goods experts.

Henkel France launches sustainability initiative
Raising awareness for sustainable laundry 

With its Le Chat brand, Persil’s local sister brand, the French Laundry & Home Care team has positioned sustainability as a key factor of its strategy. Drawing upon the legitimacy of one of its key products (“Le Chat Eco Efficacité” – eco-efficiency – certified by the official European Eco Label since 2013), the French team has launched a new nationwide initiative called “Lavons mieux!” (Let’s wash in a better way!).

Aitai Lorincz receives Perwoll Award for Young Designers 2014
Henkel Romania awards a new generation of young designers 

In 2014, Henkel celebrates 20 successful years of doing business in Romania and is supporting, awarding and promoting the true Romanian values -“We care for the Romanian values”- in the areas of education/social, culture/art and sustainability/environment.

Soccer camps for kids 

The NGO Secours populaire francais and Carrefour supermarkets team up to support a Henkel project that offers 100 soccer camps to children.

Development of high-performance enzymes
Enzymes for more sustainability 

The use of high-performance enzymes in laundry and home care products reduces the amount of resources and raw materials used. Henkel Research has succeeded in combining surfactants and – for the first time – enzymes within a liquid hand-dishwashing product so that starch remains can be quickly removed. Aside from improved product performance, this also means a reduction in CO2 emissions amounting to some 12,000 metric tons per year.

Jesus with Norbert Koll
Make-A-Wish with Purex 

Through Purex’s “Bright Washes, Bright Wishes” campaign, the Henkel brand was able to make the dreams of Jesus’ Make-A-Wish come true. Ten-year-old Jesus suffers from cystic fibrosis and dreams of traveling to Washington D.C. to expand on his passion for American history.

At Beauty Care’s Intern Day
Shaping Perspectives 

From Accountancy and Controlling to Marketing, Sales, Supply Chain Management, Research & Development and Human Resources – each year around 1500 motivated students from all around the world gain professional experience as interns at Henkel. At regularly held “Intern Days,” they are also given the opportunity to look beyond the boundaries of their own department and become more acquainted with the extensive diversity of activities and areas the company has to offer. 

Darko Lukić accepted the award
“Best of Serbia” Award  

At the tenth awards ceremony “Best of Serbia”, the annual ceremony organized by the Serbian Chamber of Commerce, one of the most prominent local Henkel brands, Merix, received the award for the best brand in the category Chemicals, Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals and Related Products.

Henkel supports Walmart’s laundry compaction initiative 

Henkel supports Walmart’s recently announced laundry compaction initiative to partner with manufacturers to cut the amount of water by 25% in each dose of liquid laundry detergent by 2018. This effort aligns with Henkel’s long-term sustainability strategy, to achieve more with less.

I prefer 30° initiative
“I prefer 30°” 

“I prefer 30°” is an initiative of the detergents industry that aims to raise awareness of the benefits of lower wash temperatures. Henkel as well as other industry players and trade partners support this A.I.S.E. campaign (International Association for Soaps, Detergents and Maintenance Products).

Henkel in Guatemala opened a new corporate headquarters
“One roof” for Henkel in Guatemala 

The Central American subsidiary opened a new corporate headquarters. The project goal was to unite the administration of the three Henkel business units Laundry & Home Care, Beauty Care and Adhesive Technologies in a central location and to create an open space environment to promote collaboration.

Henkel has received the “Lean and Green Award”
Advance accolade for sustainable logistics 

Henkel has received the “Lean and Green Award” in recognition of the sustainability credentials of its transport and logistics activities within the Laundry & Home Care business unit. This award, conferred for the first time, honors the efforts made by companies in implementing specific measures to improve sustainability with a verifiable reduction in the CO2 emissions arising from their logistics processes.

Henkel Guatemala awarded important certifications 

As part of its global strategy, Henkel took several actions to improve its production processes at its plant in Guatemala, which resulted in the attainment of four major certifications.

Five awards for Henkel in France
“Product of the Year 2014” awards 

The "Product of the Year” awards recognize the best retail products in different categories in France. Each year more than 10,000 consumers vote for the products they would like to see receive recognition, applying the three key criteria: Innovation, Attractiveness & Satisfaction.*

New digital campaign for WC Frisch: The Balls Dream Band is back.
Flush to Paradise 

On March 5, 2014, WC Frisch will set women’s pulses racing again with a new digital campaign: The Balls Dream Band is back. In their second video the boy band shows off their physiques and convinces with a seductive performance straight out of paradise.

IFF awarded for “Best Supply Performance 2013”
Henkel awards outstanding suppliers 

At the 2014 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, January 27 through January 31 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel nominated ten and recognized five suppliers for their outstanding performance in 2013. The “Best Innovation Contributor Award” was presented to Evonik Industries and BASF. Prize winners of the “Henkel Sustainability Award” were Novozymes and Croda. The “Best Supply Performance Award” went to International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF).

Case study by Negócios Newspaper
Outperforming in the portuguese market  

The Laundry & Home Care Business Unit at Henkel Portugal was selected by Negócios Newspaper, one of the most important economic daily newspapers in Portugal, as a case study - thanks to its ability to adapt global products to the Portuguese consumer needs and characteristics inside the domestic area.

Products of the Year 2014
Awards for innovative new products 

Germany’s shoppers have made their choices once again, selecting no less than five Henkel laundry and home care products as “Product of the Year 2014.” These were the results garnered from the annual consumer survey conducted by the grocery trade journal “Lebensmittel Praxis.” The winners include household cleaner Der General, laundry gel Spee Apfel & Bluetenfrische, laundry capsules Persil Duo-Caps, WC cleaner Bref WC-KraftGel, and fabric softener Vernel Aroma-Therapie.

Henkel shopperLab
Henkel Ibérica sets up a ShopperLab 

The first ShopperLab of Henkel has been set up in the Iberian affiliate located in Barcelona, Spain. The space of 100 square meters is designed as a real supermarket with different brands displayed on its shelves. The purpose of ShopperLab is to integrate traditional research with neuroscience applied to marketing by means of high technologies like Eye Tracking. Thanks to this innovative breakthrough, Henkel positions itself as an expert in shopping experience and also provides added value to the company’s costumers.

Opening of the new production line
Henkel expands its production plant in Vienna 

Henkel’s Viennese production facility for Laundry & Home Care is further expanding its product portfolio. Effective immediately window cleaners marketed under the Clin brand name will be manufactured in the Vienna plant. For this purpose Henkel invested in two new filling lines which recently went into operation. On balance, a total of 12 million Euros will be dedicated this year to expanding production in the factory in Vienna. More than 200,000 tons of liquid products (detergents and cleaners) leave the plant each year, 80 percent of which is exported.

Henkel plans to invest into the production site Toluca
Henkel expands its detergent plant in Toluca 

Henkel has announced the expansion of its facilities in Toluca, where the company manufactures powder and liquid detergent. With the objective to increase production and create a Research and Development (R&D) center, Henkel plans to invest 35 million dollars into the production site – supervised by experts on sustainability. This expansion shows Henkel’s focus on Mexico as an emerging market and also demonstrates the company’s commitment to environment.

European Supply Chain Excellence Award
Henkel wins European Supply Chain Excellence Award  

Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business sector has been recognized for the second time with the European Supply Chain Excellence Award 2013, presented by the European business magazine Supply Chain Standard in association with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. More than 50 mostly globally operating companies were shortlisted for the final round of this competition, which honors outstanding achievements in the field of Supply Chain across Europe.

 Dr. Kimberly Scott, an Arizona State University professor
A valuable learning experience 

Get an education and explore the world! That was the advice shared by Norbert Koll, President of Henkel Consumer Goods, and Ed Capasso, Senior Vice President Finance Henkel Consumer Goods, with COMPUGIRLS when the group visited the Henkel Scottsdale office. COMPUGIRLS is a resource program for girls of color between the ages of 13 and 18 that teaches them valuable computer skills to use in college and their careers. The program was founded by Dr. Kimberly Scott, an Arizona State University professor and community activist. Dr. Scott’s goal is to help the girls find an interest and develop skills in the technology field to help establish their career path.

Free laundry service in the Baltics
Persil Pop-Up Service 

Persil pop-up laundry services which were set up for two weeks in the capitals of all three Baltic States – Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn records positive resonance visitors and media.

Henkel's 2013 initiatives at the Walmart Innovation Summit
Henkel invited to Walmart Innovation Summit 

Henkel Consumer Goods was invited to host a private session with Walmart at the Walmart Household Chemicals Innovation Summit 2.0 in Toronto, Canada. Sessions included demonstrations of Henkel innovative technology and new items.

Henkel Laundry and Home Care in Turkey has donated 20,000 Euro for a school
“Creating value” for kids 

In commemoration of the Management Conference of the Henkel business unit Laundry & Home Care which was held in Istanbul under the motto “Creating Value”, Henkel Laundry and Home Care in Turkey has donated 20,000 Euro for a school in Istanbul.

Farmers working at sustainable oil palm farm
Henkel and Solidaridad foster smallholder program  

Henkel’s Laundry & Home Care business sector, development organization Solidaridad and other partners will start a three-year program in Honduras (Central America) to improve livelihoods of 5,000 workers and 7,500 farmers and their families. It is the goal to build up sustainable supply chains for both palm oil and palm kernel oil that can be certified against the Principles and Criteria of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). The project is aiming to change 80 percent of the total palm oil production area in Honduras, this is one of the first projects to cover such a big part of the palm oil production area in one country.

Pamela Lam received the “Mentorship of the Year"
Funds for fees 

Henkel Scottsdale’s Asian American Professionals Association (AAPA) has raised funds to help sponsor college education for local high school students.

New distinction for Henkel Hellas 

Henkel Hellas has won two awards in the annual “Βest Practices Excellence Awards” for Greek retailers and industry for the second consecutive year.

MAS® Color "with a Touch of Softness”
MAS® Color recognized with “Best New Product” award 

The recognition was thanks to the successful launch of the MAS® Color “con un Toque de Suavidad” (“with a Touch of Softness”), which continues to meet the satisfaction of customers, bringing about excellent benefits.

Persil Duo-Caps are produced in Körösladány / Hungary
The hub of Persil Duo-Caps  

The innovative dual-chamber detergent Persil Duo-Caps is dispatched from Körösladány in Hungary to about 25 locations all around the world. This is a result of a significant technological and infrastructural development which led to the production of this outstanding detergent.

The 2013 Technology Advisory Board
Research partnerships for more sustainability 

How can even more energy be saved when doing the laundry? What active ingredients in cleaning products serve to further reduce the required dosage? And how can concentrated formulations reduce water consumption? These and similar questions relating to increased sustainability in washing and cleaning are a constant subject of research performed by Henkel in cooperation with partners from the world of science and industry. In the field of fundamental research especially, collaborations with universities constitute an important component of Henkel’s innovation management approach.

Dr. Wiebke Drenckhan has been awarded the Henkel Laundry & Home Care Research Award
Award-winning foam research 

Whether for the protection of delicates in the wash or improving the adhesion of cleaning agents on smooth surfaces, for many laundry and home care products, the right foaming behavior is key to achieving good results. Now, Dr. Wiebke Drenckhan has been awarded the Henkel Laundry & Home Care Research Award, which carries a prize of 3,000 euros, for research into foaming behavior optimization performed at the Université Paris-Sud, France.

Henkel Sustainability Ambassadors teaching elementary school kids
Sustainability in everyday life 

More than 200 elementary school children in Arizona recently learned how to save energy and water and how they can reduce waste in everyday life. They were taught by so called “sustainability ambassadors”, Henkel employees conveying the topic of sustainability to young children. Employee volunteers from the Henkel Consumer Goods headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona visited the schools to explain what sustainability really means and how every individual can make a personal contribution to it.

Henkel MEA has won the Most Women-Friendly Employer in Middle East award
Most women-friendly employer in the Middle East 

Reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion, Henkel MEA has won the Most Women-Friendly Employer in Middle East award at the 5th Annual Women in Leadership [WIL] Forum Middle East and Africa, held end of May in Dubai.

The finalists and jury of the fifth Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition
Winners of Arwaa Abaya contest announced 

Sudanese national Reyan Hanafi has been declared the winner of Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition Season 5 in the grand final on June 13, 2013. The competition, presented by Persil Abaya Shampoo, witnessed eight weeks of intense competition and amazing creativity in Abaya designs and saw a close contest between Reyan Hanafi and 18-year-old Saudi Arabia national Sara Alsaady in the finals.

Henkel and c-LEcta start research collaboration
High-performance enzymes for laundry detergents 

Henkel and c-LEcta have entered into a collaboration to develop novel enzymes for more sustainable laundry detergents targeting persistent, highly consumer-relevant stains on textiles. In the joint research project c-LEcta will identify substances based on the company’s proprietary enzyme engineering technologies. Henkel’s extensive experience in developing detergent enzymes and formulations will allow determining the ingredients which are most suitable for better stain removal during single-wash applications.

Persil Arwaa Abaya contest
Expertise in Abaya designs 

Season 5 of the Persil Arwaa Abaya Competition, presented by Persil Abaya Shampoo, is already being aired on MBC 1, offering local and regional talents from across the GCC region a bigger platform for success as they showcase their skills and expertise in Abaya design.

Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted showed great interest the ShopperLab
The ShopperLab of Henkel Ibérica 

The recent visit of Henkel CEO Kasper Rorsted in the offices of Henkel Ibérica was the perfect opportunity to introduce a pioneering initiative within Henkel’s offices: the ShopperLab.

Product of Year: Persil Liquid Detergent for White Clothes
“Product of Year” in the GCC 

Within a year of its launch, Persil Liquid Detergent for White Clothes with Oud Fragrance, has been voted as the Product of the Year in the GCC for 2013 in the Laundry Care category as part of a customer survey by leading market research company TNS. The Henkel product is the first-ever liquid detergent for white thobes across the Middle East.

Bruno Piacenza explains the topic of sustainability to children
1,000 ambassadors for a more sustainable world 

To heighten the awareness of employees for sustainability and strengthen their engagement in this area, the Laundry & Home Care business sector of Henkel has established a “Sustainability Ambassadors” program. In online seminars, the employees obtain an overview of the global challenges involved in sustainable development and learn more about Henkel’s own sustainability strategy. Since the program began in July 2012, around 500 employees have successfully completed this training. This figure should rise to 1,000 by the end of 2013.

Henkel Logo
Henkel to acquire Polish Laundry brands 

Henkel has signed an agreement with the UK-based consumer products company PZ Cussons Plc to acquire their Polish Laundry and Home Care brands. The transaction includes predominantly detergents and fabric softeners of the “E” brand, and other smaller brands. The business operates mainly in Poland but also includes activities in Russia and other Central Eastern European countries.

Pril won a Silver Effie in the New Launches category
Pril garners Silver Effie Award 

In Guatemala, Pril won a Silver Effie in the New Launches category as part of the “Marketing Communications Effectiveness Effie Awards 2012”, a competition sponsored by the Guatemalan Union of Advertising Agencies, the Advertisers Association of Guatemala, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the Managers Association of Guatemala.

Ashland awarded for “Best Supply Performance 2012”
Henkel presents awards to outstanding suppliers 

At the 2013 American Cleaning Institute (ACI) Annual Meeting and Industry Convention, January 28 through February 2 in Orlando, Florida, Henkel recognized five suppliers for their outstanding cooperation. The “Best Innovation Contributor Award” was conferred to Novozymes and Dow Corning. Prize winners of the “Henkel Sustainability Award” were Monosol and Evonik Industries. The “Best Supply Performance Award” went to Ashland.