Automotive & Transportation

With its extensive range of products and system solutions, Henkel is a key partner in the development, manufacture and maintenance of vehicles and transportation systems. The automotive industry, manufacturers of trains and trams, and the shipbuilding and aerospace sectors all profit from Henkel’s extremely high performance adhesives and sealants. These materials create the opportunities to design and build advanced lightweight constructions and to enable seemingly conflicting aims such as higher speeds and lower fuel consumption to be reconciled. Henkel also makes an important contribution to safety, comfort and value retention. Components made of highly rigid structural foams absorb impact energy in the event of a crash (improved safety); innovative sound-deadening materials improve vehicle acoustics (more comfort); and special pretreatment systems for car bodies which optimize corrosion protection and paint adhesion. At the same time, Henkel’s know-how helps customers to conserve environmental resources and increase the efficiency of their production processes.

Henkel is a leader in structural assembly and metal surface treatment solutions.


Agricultural & Construction Machinery
For decades, agricultural and construction machinery manufacturers have used Henkel adhesive, sealant and surface treatment technologies to improve end-use product performance, reduce production costs and create more efficient manufacturing processes.


Henkel’s automotive coatings have been developed for proven performance the first time, every time. Our resin dry film products from Emralon® PTFE, Molydag® MoS2 and DAG® graphite pigments provide clean, dry, lifetime lubrication in countless applications. Our coatings are automotive industry specified and contribute to the smooth, dependable operation of thousands of components.


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