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Henkel Hotmelts – more than sealing a case or carton
Today’s producers desire adhesives that do more than simply seal a case or carton. They look for partners who enable them to meet the demands of consumers, economic stakeholders and future generations.

Henkel’s case and carton sealing hotmelts and water-based adhesives provide several key benefits:

  • Functional: Our adhesives produce a container that provides safe and effective storage and transport
  • Economic: A cost-effective component of the overall package
  • Aesthetic: Impacts shelf appeal, by bonding to a wide variety of board stock
  • Sustainable: Less adhesive consumption means less natural resources are consumed
  • Reliability: Henkel adhesives provide consistent performance, case after case

Henkel’s added-value packaging adhesives
As a major supplier of packaging adhesives globally, Henkel provides the broadest range of hotmelts and water-based adhesives for case and carton sealing for every condition, substrate, process, and budget. Henkel’s added-value product families enhance your packaging line by removing noises and distractions from the operation. Henkel adhesives reduce or eliminate such assembly line frustrations as throwing, stringing, downtime, and rejects.    

Henkel’s family of added-value adhesives includes:

  • Technomelt Supra: Innovative polymer technology, including metallocene, provides adhesion to all substrates, including tricky carton stock
  • Technomelt COOL: The industry standard for low temperature hotmelts, providing full functionality at 250F

Henkel’s innovative technology portfolio offers customers effective solutions for all of today’s and tomorrow’s applications.

Our Brands

TECHNOMELT Henkel’s TECHNOMELT is the leading choice for hot melt adhesives designed for the best results in our customers’ production processes and finished products. more...

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