Consumer & Industrial Electronics

Henkel has created a comprehensive range of high performance products that deliver optimal adhesion, while providing the customer with an attractive and reliable finished product. Furthermore Henkel is a trusted name with a proven track record in the field of surface treatments for epoxy substrates, glass substrates, silicon wafers, semiconductors, electronics, and optical devices.

Displays, Screens & LCD
As a global supplier of high-quality products for the assembly of displays, flat screens, monitors and LCD technology, Henkel is a trusted name with a proven track record.


Handheld Communications & Computing
Today’s handheld and computing devices have sleek design and increased functionality that continue to expand the realm of possibility and inspire users, pushing mobile and computing device capabilities further and faster than ever before. With convenience, connectivity and evolving design criteria come a variety of design and manufacturing challenges, including effective heat management, robust device protection and delivery of high-reliability interconnections. Addressing these requirements effectively becomes a critical factor for manufacturers of handheld products – which is why the industry’s top firms choose Henkel. With a deep innovation portfolio that leverages cross-functional expertise, Henkel’s thermal management materials, protective reworkable underfills and high-reliability solder materials are the high-performance solutions needed to push handheld design and manufacturing capability to new heights. 


For more than four decades, major speaker manufacturers around the world have relied on Henkel’s LOCTITE brand adhesives to simplify their speaker designs, improve overall driver performance, reduce assembly time, and improve production efficiency and quality.


Smart Card
Henkel’s state of the art adhesives cover a multiplicity of applications in the Smartcard industry and make a contribution in this fast growing and future oriented business.


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