Container Labeling

Labeling adhesive solutions from Henkel
The beverage industry has an overriding task: to achieve more with fewer resources. That's why Henkel has developed innovative new adhesives that provide excellent performance on all label stocks and containers, at the highest manufacturing speed, and that can survive the most extreme temperatures.

Our core range of products includes:

  • Acrylic-based adhesives
  • Hybrid adhesives
  • Dispersion adhesives
  • Casein adhesives
  • Starch adhesives
  • Hotmelts

Trust our decades of innovation and experience
Count on Henkel for high performance adhesives from such trusted brands as Euromelt and Optal that provide superior adhesion to all label stocks and containers. With Henkel adhesives, customers may rely upon improved mileage vs. conventional products, as well as:

  • High wet tack
  • Consistent quality and reliability
  • Exceptional heat stability
  • Ice water resistance
  • Fast speed of set

Products for every labeling application
Labeling is a complex process, but Henkel has a product for every system technology and application:

  • Dispenser bonding
  • Plastic patch labeling
  • Contour bottles
  • Special recycling applications

Regardless of the formula, lowering production costs for our customers is the focus of every product delivered.

Our Brands

Eticol The Eticol brand is used for casein technology adhesives targeted for the glue-applied label market in beverages, food and bottling of other products. more...

Euromelt Our Euromelt product line is very versatile and offers reliable strengths and superior quality for high performance products. more...

Optal Our Optal Labeling adhesives provide economical consumption, clean machinability and constant high line speed. more...

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