Disposable Dispense Components

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One of the most significant factors in any successful adhesive application is applying the adhesive efficiently and effectively. That’s why Henkel provides not just high-performance Loctite® brand adhesives, but every type of product necessary to guarantee consistent, accurate dispensation.

Disposable dispense components are among the smallest items in the manufacturing process, but if deficient they can result in adhesive waste, downtime and added costs. So why take a chance by going anywhere other than a company with decades of experience as an adhesives expert? With the convenience of Henkel’s one-source product portfolio, the company makes it easy to acquire both adhesives and the high-quality accessories necessary for optimal usage, backed by outstanding customer service and support.

Solutions in Small Packages
Henkel offers a comprehensive line of Loctite® brand dispensing tips, nozzles, disposable syringes, syringe components and process control accessories for all dispensing equipment needs. This equipment is capable of dispensing a wide variety of adhesives and sealants - such as acrylic, anaerobic, cyanoacrylate, epoxy, hot melt, silicone, urethane, and other types of glue - from Loctite® reservoirs and dispense systems.

Applications and Benefits
The LOCTITE Difference: Quality You Can Trust

A product for every application, from recognized brands that are field-tested and reliable, delivered on time at a fair price. That’s what customers have come to expect from Henkel.

Henkel offers a comprehensive line of Loctite® brand dispense tips available individually, in bulk, or in Needle Variety Kits. The company’s extensive portfolio includes high precision stainless set, tapered polyethylene and flexible polypropylene tips. These needles all feature positive locking helical thread design, to ensure that the tip can withstand the toughest applications. For less critical applications, the company offers economical general purpose dispense tips that still provide consistent dispensing, shot after shot.

Henkel provides a wide assortment of Loctite® brand mix nozzles for various two-part component dispensing applications. Customers can select from a variety of cartridge package and mix ratio requirements.

High quality syringe barrels, air adapters and plungers support every syringe-dispensing requirement. Henkel also offers an array of related accessories that aid in the transfer of adhesive from various syringe and cartridge containers or directly on to parts. These include Air Line Adapters, Cartridge Adapters, Rollers, Holders, Stands and Syringe Tip Caps.

Tubings and Fittings
The company’s high quality tubing and fittings are available in various diameters and sizes. Fittings for such components as reservoir tanks, pump outlets and bulkhead adapters can be a crucial but easily overlooked step in a dispense system solution.

The Support You Need–When You Need It

All Henkel equipment solutions are backed by the best on-site service and technical support in the industry. The most effective solution to any workplace problem is just a phone call away. The company’s experienced technical representatives work with customers to assure optimal product and process performance.

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