Drug Delivery

Henkel: an innovator in drug delivery solutions
Henkel is known throughout the world as an innovator in polymer chemistry. Henkel’s DURO-TAK adhesives for transdermal drug delivery, PROLOC bioadhesives for transmucosal drug delivery and VELOX MCS for multiparticulate drug delivery offer innovative solutions to pharmaceutical developers backed by Henkel’s knowledgeable technical support.

Bioadhesives provide superior adhesion, complete erosion and high drug loading capacity.


Multiparticulate Drug Delivery
VELOX MCS microcrystalline starch is a proprietary new excipient for the preparation of pharmaceutical pellets via extrusion spheronization which enables rapid and complete drug release.


Transdermal Adhesives
Henkel has been an integral part of the transdermal market since its inception. Our innovation and expertise have made Henkel the global leader in acrylic polymers for transdermal drug delivery.


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