Field Installation

Henkel offers a variety of solutions for field installation. They cover a broad range, serving the markets of alternate energy technologies, column framing, flooring installation as well as roofing and waterproofing.

Column Framing
With the Loctite® brand Fast Frame Column Framing System from Henkel, builders can dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with framing square concrete and steel columns for drywall installation. How fast is fast? With Henkel’s new, innovative system, the average framing time can be condensed from 40 minutes with stud and tack to just 5 minutes.


Flooring Installation
A global leader, Henkel develops and markets superior adhesive products for the construction of residential and industrial flooring. The company’s environmentally friendly Dorus® and Purmelt® adhesives provide reliable bonding as well as significant sound dampening.


Roofing & Waterproofing
Many of the major roofing material manufacturers count on Henkel for world-class adhesives to add value and performance to their product line. Henkel’s comprehensive portfolio also includes sealants and sealers that provide reliable performance in the most extreme climate conditions.


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