Fume Filtration

Henkel: Improving Workplace Comfort and Safety
Since 1971, Henkel has designed, built and integrated high-quality equipment solutions. To combat the health and safety concerns that may result from noxious chemicals in the workplace, Henkel offers filtration systems that filter fumes emitted from adhesives, sealants, cleaning solvents and other chemicals. The systems, available in both floor models and bench top designs, also filter dust particulates from other sources.

Small Equipment, Powerful Performance
Henkel’s filtration systems utilize activated carbon technology so the air can be returned to the immediate work area. The models are quiet-running and take up little space, while matching the airflow of much larger systems. No external ventilation is required.

Applications and Benefits
Choose the Model That’s Right For You

Henkel’s LOCTITE brand 98274 Fume Filtration System is a freestanding unit that offers location flexibility, and can fit easily beneath a workbench. The large 14” x 18” filter reduces the frequency of filter replacements. The system can be operated with up to 4 exhaust arms or 2 exhaust cabinets for fume capture. Special features include multi-stage filtration, a thermal overload protector, and a differential pressure gauge that allows the operator to monitor filter status.

A smaller but no less effective option is the LOCTITE 98277 Bench Top Air Filtration System. The unit can be operated as an open plenum for a working area up to 12” wide, or can be easily converted into an arm system and positioned to be unobtrusive to the operator, yet provide more direct and effective fume capture. A bi-coloured LED light immediately indicates when a filter is blocked.

Performance You Can Trust
Both systems are UL, CSA and CE compliant, and backed by Henkel’s reputation for quality and reliability. 

The Support You Need–When You Need It

All Henkel equipment solutions are backed by the best on-site service and technical support in the industry. The most effective solution to any workplace problem is just a phone call away. The company’s experienced technical representatives work with customers to assure optimal product and process performance.

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