ID Bore Coating

The Henkel Difference: Performance You Can Trust
Without an effective dispense system, the consistent application of anaerobic materials to inside bore diameters can be a challenging procedure. Improper dispensing can have a negative impact on both workplace efficiency and the cost of production.

One Challenge: Two Solutions
Henkel provides high-quality LOCTITE brand positive displacement systems, as well as pressure time reservoir dispense systems, both equally efficient for proper product application. Customers can expect long term reliable and consistent performance, cycle after cycle.

The positive displacement system, for cycle requirements up to 120 per minute, offers the flexibility of both vertical and horizontal orientation of the coating operation. The lower cost pressure time system is designed for vertical orientation only, and can effectively apply anaerobic up to 50 cycles per minute.

Applications and Benefits
Choose the System That’s Best For You

Henkel customers know that they can rely upon the highest quality displacement equipment, the latest technological innovation, and the most efficient and economical manufacturing operation.

Positive Displacement System
The LOCTITE brand positive displacement ID bore coat system can effectively apply threadlockers, retaining compounds and other low to medium viscosity anaerobic materials to inside bore diameters.  Up to 120 cycles per minute can be achieved, depending on product viscosity. A wide selection of spinner heads can be fitted for each customer’s process requirements.

The LOCTITE brand Positive Displacement Pump features a patented, seal-less design. The pneumatically operated pump provides repeatable and consistent delivery of product.

Pressure Time Reservoir System
The LOCTITE brand pressure time ID bore coat system will effectively apply anaerobic up to 60 cycles per minute, depending on product viscosity. The pressure reservoir unit is constructed from heavy, deep-drawn, one-piece steel and comes equipped with a pressure regulator, gauge, pressure safety relief valve and product feed line connector.

Why is Henkel the Industry Leader?

Since 1971, Henkel has designed, built and integrated high quality equipment solutions. The company’s experience and partnerships between customer, application engineering, and equipment engineering guarantees the highest level of expertise in the field of adhesive application. All of the company’s products are backed by technical service and support unmatched in the industry.

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