Light Curing Equipment & Meters

Henkel: One Company, Many Solutions
Henkel offers the widest selection of light curing equipment available from one convenient, trusted source. The company’s tradition of design innovation permeates every type of Loctite® brand curing equipment, for the perfect no-hassle solution for UV curable coatings and UV curable adhesives.

Everything You Need From A Single Convenient Source
Whether a customer’s UV adhesive curing application calls for a conveyor system, an enclosed chamber or an ultraviolet lamp flood unit, Henkel provides a high-quality solution backed by the LOCTITE name, an assurance of long term reliability. Henkel  also offers visible light curing and point source exposure using a wand or hand held LED source. Plus, the company has cost-effective UV light meters to insure the accuracy of the curing process, as well as every accessory necessary to keep the production line running, from UV bulbs to safety glasses.

Applications and Benefits
Superior Service and Products

Customers know they can rely upon the consistent performance of LOCTITE equipment, as well as the latest technological innovation. The company’s user-friendly systems provide consistent, effective solutions for all of today’s and tomorrow’s applications. Quality is achieved while reducing operating costs, and improving product quality.

LED Light Sources
Cure a variety of Loctite® UV cure or Visible light cure adhesives in seconds with innovative LOCTITE brand hand-held LED light sources. The implementation of unique LED technology allows for instant on/off performance, consistent light output and the elimination of part assembly heating. Plus, LED life lasts up to 5 times longer than typical UV bulbs. Lightweight, portable, and capable of operation while recharging, these LOCTITE units have the capability to meet every process curing requirement.

UV Curing and Visible Light Curing Sources
LOCTITE brand high intensity light sources may be integrated when the end user provides the conveyor or proper shielding. Each source provides a wide range of prototype or production applications to cure ultraviolet and visible curing adhesives and coatings.

Curing Chambers and Flood Systems
Selection of a LOCTITE brand chamber and flood system is based on the required intensity of light and cure area. Both units are designed for use in a wide range of bonding, potting, tacking, and sealing applications. The LOCTITE name offers an assurance of the highest level of curing performance and long term reliability for adhesive systems on the market today.

UV Light Meters
Decreased radiant power related to the degradation of the UV lamp or light guides can result in a loss of process efficiency, or incomplete curing of UV products. Both of these potential problems can be effectively monitored with the LOCTITE brand ZETA radiometers and dosimeters. General-purpose units for both UVA and UVV light ranges are usable for flood, chamber or conveyor systems, while the company’s spot radiometer fits both 3 & 5mm wand units.

UV Wand Systems
For continuous or batch processing of assemblies that require curing in relatively small areas, LOCTITE brand light cure wand systems provide a variety of curing attributes for effective service. Choose from 100 or 200-watt lamp systems for the highest level of performance and long-term reliability. A choice of single, dual, three, or four pole light guides is available to meet varying production requirements.

UV Curing Equipment Accessories
Need additional UV safety glasses for operators or guests? How about safety accessories for the UV Conveyor? Henkel offers a complete line of accessories for all of the company’s UV and Visible light curing units from one convenient source.

Why is Henkel the Industry Leader?

Since 1971, Henkel has designed, built and integrated high quality equipment solutions. The company’s experience and partnerships between customer, application engineering, and equipment engineering guarantees the highest level of expertise in the field of Light Curing Equipment. All of the company’s products are backed by technical service and support unmatched in the industry.

Working Together
Henkel has a network of trained Equipment Sales Specialists to assist customers with production challenges or to help re-engineer an existing application. Henkel’s on-site technical support provides advice for  the consistent achievement of optimum performance.

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