Manufactured Housing

Henkel’s innovative, custom-formulated adhesives play a significant part in almost every aspect of manufactured housing construction. Many of the industry’s objectives of reducing costs and improving the quality of modular housing have been realized in part due to advanced adhesive products and strategies devised by the experts at Henkel. 

Your One-Stop Source
Henkel has created a comprehensive range of adhesives, sealants, surface treatments and maintenance products that deliver optimal performance, while providing the customer an attractive and reliable finished product. No other supplier can match Henkel’s breadth of portfolio and state-of-the-art distribution system. Henkel products ship from a worldwide warehouse network, to suit the JIT (just-in-time) demands of the industry.

Working Together
Henkel’s environmentally friendly adhesives are the result of consultations with machine builders and the company’s analysis of real-world production environments. The company’s clean-running, efficient products increase productivity and save money.

Global Provider of Adhesives
Plus, Henkel’s global presence assures customers of consistency in product quality throughout the world.

Building a Better Home
The manufacturing process for factory-produced housing provides numerous opportunities for adhesive-based automation and assembly line methods that reduce construction labor, while increasing building performance and durability. The array of outstanding Henkel adhesives combines simple building materials into large composite elements with enhanced structural integrity. Typical applications include:

  • Sidewall lamination
  • Product assembly
  • Cut-out sealing
  • Underbody coating
  • Sub-floor installation.

Superior Service and Products
Customers know that they can rely upon the consistent performance on Henkel adhesives, as well as the latest technological innovation and the most efficient and economical manufacturing operation. Concern for environmental protection has inspired Henkel to create newer adhesives that reduce air pollution and minimize waste disposal concerns that are more common with solvent-based products.

Henkel’s Reliable Supply
Certainty of supply is a critical issue in manufactured housing. Henkel brings to its customers the exceptional purchasing power of a global Fortune 500 company, as well as exclusive agreements with established and emerging raw material suppliers. The result? A reliable supply and the security of knowing Henkel products are available when you need them.  

With Henkel, customers are assured:

  • A reliable supplier (99% on time delivery in 2004 and 2005)
  • Extensive local coverage- 10 production sites; 5 technical centers across the US
  • Technical support and lab testing with fast response times
  • Customer training
  • Dedicated sales & technical team to provide field support and onsite assistance.

Henkel Custom Solutions
Henkel products expose the limitations of conventional adhesives. But high quality adhesives work best when distributed by equally efficient means. The company’s line of Henkel Loctite Equipment products works with Henkel adhesives to minimize production waste, increase yield and eliminate costly downtime.

Savings and Convenience
To promote both customer convenience and environmental awareness, Henkel custom-installs bulk supply systems, eliminating the need for returns of empty drums and tote bins. An inventory control telemetry system tracks consumption on a daily or weekly basis.

Our Brands

Adhesin Henkel offers a wide range of Adhesin waterbased adhesives for many applications in the Paper and Packaging Industry. more...

Alodine Alodine is an international brand name for Henkel Adhesive Technologies conversion, anodizing and functional coatings. more...

BONDERITE Henkel’s BONDERITE is the premier brand for surface technology and process solutions that creates competitive advantage across the industrial manufacturing marketplace. more...

Dorus Dorus represents an innovative high-quality product line of adhesives for the woodworking and furniture industry. more...

Frekote Henkel Adhesives Technologies has designed mould release agents for virtually all composite and rubber moulding operations. more...

Hysol Hysol product range offers a full line of electronic materials for electronic and semiconductor components. more...

Lineguard Henkel’s automatic performance diagnostics and control systems offer pretreatment support, testing equipment and data management solutions. more...

LOCTITE Henkel’s LOCTITE is the trusted choice for engineered, high-performance adhesive, sealant and coating solutions. more...

Macroplast Macroplast is an adhesive and sealant for manufacture of industrial goods and based on Polyurethane. more...

Multan High performance coolants for economic metalworking and forming of light metals, cast iron, steel alloys and non-ferrous metals. more...

P3 P3 – Cleaners. High quality alkali, acid and neutral aqueous cleaners for efficient process-, parts- and maintenance cleaning. more...

TEROSON Henkel’s TEROSON is the driving brand for bonding, sealing, coating and reinforcing in automotive body, vehicle repair and maintenance (VRM) applications and industrial assemblies. more...

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