Metal Forming

Henkel: The leader in surface treatment technology and service
Henkel offers a variety of metal forming products for the metal industry including solutions for metal removal, metal stamping/drawing, forging, die casting, cold forming, cleaning and rust preventive:

  • Chemical cleaning
  • Lubricants for hot forging extrusion
  • Polymers
  • Pretreatments
  • Reactive lubricants
  • Wire draw lubricants

The company serves thousands of metal forming processes for a wide range of products, from appliances to automobiles, nails to welding wire, lawn tractors to camp stoves, and bolts to crankshafts.

Henkel’s numerous metal forming solutions provide increased productivity, improved quality, environmental responsibility, improved operator safety and global capabilities.

Casting & Forging Equipment
Henkel’s die casting and forging equipment reduces cycle time and allows for optimum utilization of lubricants and release agents. This coupling of application technology and lubricant technology has proven to be very beneficial to our customers in driving down overall operating costs. Henkel offers integrated equipment solutions for every need.


Cold Forming
Henkel’s Bonderite conversion coatings and Bonderlube family of lubricants address the most difficult cold forming applications. Industry tested and factory-floor approved, Henkel products perform with the consistency and quality necessary to develop high quality parts.


Die Casting
Our low pressure and gravity die-casting coatings help maximize productivity and part quality. Whatever the process, Henkel’s insulating coatings provide better lubrication and release, cleaner castings, and improved surface finish, while protecting expensive tooling from the effects of thermal fatigue.


Dispersion Equipment
Developing equipment and technology to create stable dispersions has been a cornerstone of Henkel’s innovation to our customers. In fact, we probably have had more experience and more success in dispersing solids commercially than anyone else in the world.


Henkel’s Acheson line of forging lubricants and release agents are outstanding performers under the most extreme conditions of temperature and abrasion.


Stamping & Drawing
Henkel’s full line of quality products for stamping and drawing is available in a variety of chemistries including straight oils, emulsions, synthetics and dry films.


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