Pail Pump Systems & Accessories

Henkel: Your Partner on the Production Line
Henkel isn’t just a supplier of premium adhesives and sealants; the company is a total solution provider that offers equipment to improve our customers’ operation efficiency and bottom line.

Henkel’s line of LOCTITE brand pail pump systems dispense either low viscosity self-levelling fluids or high viscosity pastes from 20 litre open-top pails up to 200 litre drums. The systems can be integrated into a complete dispensing system, or used as a feed system for multiple component products. Different pump ratios are available to meet each customer’s application requirements.

Build the System You Need
Henkel’s high-performance pail pump systems can be as simple as an air operated, single acting, self-priming pump, or can be built into a fully assembled system consisting of an air motor, pump tube and pressure ram. Optional accessories such as a pail or drum cover, wall mounts kit, or an elevator is also available. Whatever assembly will provide the greatest benefits for each customer’s operation, Henkel can help put it together.

Applications and Benefits
The Right Product For the Job

Maintaining or improving efficiency for our customers is Henkel’s primary focus in every industry served. So the company provides pump systems which provide durable, long-term performance, even in the most challenging work environments. Accessories such as hosing, dispense valves, fluid regulators, air filters and dispense tips can be selected from a variety of options to complete each system.

High Viscosity
For paste and other products of medium to high viscosity, the LOCTITE brand High Viscosity Paste Pump Systems are available with Inert Seals and Inert Metal. When configured with the necessary accessories (air and product hoses, fluid regulators, dispense valves, tips and fittings), these systems provide optimal pumping performance from 20 litre pails up to 200 litre drums.

Inert Metal Systems are suitable for lubricants, epoxies, anaerobics, acrylics and light cure acrylics and water-based products.

Working Together

As the industry leader in machinery adhesives, Henkel has a network of technically trained Equipment Sales Specialists to assist customers with new assembly challenges or to help re-engineer an existing application. Every LOCTITE brand dispensing system can be modified or customized to meet each customer’s specific assembly needs.

Henkel’s on-site technical support provides advice for optimum adhesive processing and material usage. The company’s team of experts shares a century of know-how in adhesives, processing and the optimum combination of machine, material, and products.

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