Paper Converting

Henkel synergy saves customers time and money
Machines, applicators, substrates and adhesives have to be fully compatible with each other to ensure immaculate results in the paper converting industry.

Henkel offers the paper converting industry a comprehensive range of adhesives that are synonymous with precision, reliability and efficiency. We support this process by polymerizing our own basic raw materials, thus enabling us to tailor products to tight specifications.

Through communication and cooperation with machine manufacturers, OEMs and application developers, the company has developed technologically sophisticated and market focused adhesives systems. Around the world, customers know they can rely upon the latest technological innovation, and the most efficient and economical manufacturing operation.

Bags & Sacks
We offer high-performance adhesives systems for the full spectrum of paper bag manufacturing machines and applicators, as well as for the substrates being bonded.


Henkel has high-performance adhesives systems for the entire spectrum of corrugating machines and applicators and for the materials to be bonded.


Folding Cartons
Henkel adhesives play a critical role in folding carton construction. Whatever the substrate, we have the high-quality product you need.


Henkel offers a broad range of adhesives for paper and carton laminates, including products for the production of food, medication and cosmetics packages that meet the legal requirements of BgVV and/or FDA.


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The European association for the self-adhesive tape industry

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