Process Monitoring

Making the Most of Henkel Products
Henkel’s high-quality LOCTITE brand adhesives work best when dispensed through efficient systems that monitor optimal usage and prevent waste. Henkel provides state-of-the-art detection and process control monitoring systems, for process observation of dispense cycles.

Precision and Reliability
Every Henkel monitoring system provides highly accurate, regular measuring of adhesive output, and will alert workers quickly if there’s a problem. Whether customers wish to determine the presence of adhesive through fluorescent detection, or the amount of adhesive dispensed from an individual nozzle, the company’s superior detectors and monitors offer solutions that reduce downtime and save money.

A System For Every Application
The faster a production line problem is revealed and repaired, the faster you’re back to maximum output. Henkel Monitoring Systems measure their responses in microseconds. The company’s LOCTITE brand Waveform Analyzer, one of the most sophisticated detection systems available, uses conclusive “real time” data acquisition to detect a variety of mechanical failures. Equipment is available in a range of price and performance options to meet each customer’s specific dispensing process requirements.

Applications and Benefits
The Right Monitoring Equipment For Every Operation

With Henkel’s LOCTITE brand fluorescent detectors, in-line flow monitors and wave-form analyzers, adhesive and sealant usage can be scrutinized with exacting efficiency.

The LOCTITE Fluorescence Detector
Designed for easy interface with most analog, PNP, and NPN digital detection systems, the LOCTITE Fluorescence Detector monitors dispense processes utilizing fluorescent adhesives and sealants. An internal Light Emitting Diode (LED) illuminates products that contain fluorescent additives. When adhesive is not detected, an analog or digital signal is transmitted to indicate the problem. Three interchangeable lenses are available for different detection distances. A 100,000-hour LED life ensures consistent and long-term performance.

The LOCTITE In-Line Flow Monitor
Several factors can result in a quality-control breakdown of dispensing equipment on the production line, including air bubbles, clogged or broken needles, poor needle-to-substrate contact, or changes in the amount of adhesive dispensed. The LOCTITE In-Line Flow Monitor sends an error alarm when any of these dispense events deviate by more than the pre-set tolerance. The system will shut down automatically until the error is cleared, thus eliminating the possibility of deficient end-use product. The system can be used as an independent operator controlled workstation, or interface to an external PLC.

The Support You Need

An industry leader in machinery adhesives and dispensing equipment, Henkel has a network of specialists to assist customers with any production challenge. The company’s team of experts shares a century of know-how in adhesives, processing and the optimum combination of machine, material, and products. Plus, Henkel also offers complete engineering services for projects demanding expertise and support beyond the limits of the company’s standard services. Value-added offerings include:

  • On-site engineering assistance and consultation
  • Joint product development programs
  • Contract lab services and testing
  • Prototype testing and fixture preparation

Discover Henkel Quality Before Buying
Customers can confirm the performance of Henkel’s monitoring systems before purchasing through the company’s Equipment Rental Program. Qualified applicants receive not just equipment but hands-on training, without any initial capital outlay. If a decision to purchase a LOCTITE brand system is made within the first 30 days, the entire rental charge will be credited toward the purchase.

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