Renewable Energy

Henkel: A pioneer in green and portable energy
As one of the first adhesives companies to embrace the possibilities of alternative energy, Henkel has spent years developing validated commercial solutions for manufacturing, integration, and protection.

Through such respected brands as Loctite, Frekote, Eccobond, Eccocoat, Multicore and Emerson & Cuming, Henkel manufactures numerous assembly and protection materials for the demanding requirements of photovoltaic electronics, fuel cells and blade bonding adhesives for wind power turbines.

Fuel Cells
Henkel provides next-generation elastomers for the fuel cell industry. Through rigorous testing in real-world situations, Henkel has designed products for the portable, stationary and transportation fuel cell markets that surpass manufacturers’ performance expectations.


Solar Power
For solar cells and modules based on silicon, thin film, concentrator, dye sensitized or organic technology, Henkel materials enable a robust assembly, providing excellent performance and reliability. Our green and portable energy portfolio is one of the largest and most respected in the industry: flexible module assembly adhesives, potting compounds for junction boxes, thermally conductive materials, electrically conductive adhesives and inks, fluxes, solders, encapsulation materials, conformal coatings, dielectric pastes and sealants for assembly of photovoltaic modules.


Wind Power
For years, Henkel has worked with global enterprises that support the benefits of wind energy. Henkel has dozens of proven solutions for wind turbines. These include: structural adhesives, mold release agents, machinery adhesives, sealants, grouts, cleaners, surface treatments, butyl tapes and metalworking products.


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