Specialty Lubricants

Henkel: A solutions provider
Henkel supplies innovative specialty lubricants to meet our customers’ unique needs. Our MRO products can be found in countless applications throughout the electronics, automotive, aerospace, appliance, and other industries.

Using our quality solutions from such trusted brands as Acheson and Multan, it’s possible to lower overall process costs while achieving superior results.

Lubricant Additives
Acheson solid lubricant additives are used in a wide variety of automotive, industrial and consumer lubricants, including engine oils, engine treatments, gear oils, greases, maintenance or service lubricants, chain lubricants and lubricant aerosols. When added to the liquid lubricant, they reduce friction, resulting in less equipment wear, lower energy consumption and improved load carrying capabilities.


Machining & Grinding
Henkel’s machining and grinding solutions are available in a variety of chemistries including straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetics or synthetics. For light to heavy applications, count on the Multan product line to provide excellent performance in machining and grinding and roll forming ferrous and aluminum alloys.


Welding & Service Lubricants
Henkel’s Acheson brand has created Aerodag CERAMISHIELD, a next-generation ceramic dry film protective coating for all MIG/MAG welding processes. All of our products are designed to optimize machinery efficiency, and to withstand the most demanding conditions, including extremes of operating temperature, surface pressure or shock loads, low speeds or stop-start operation, moisture, dust, chemicals, and extended service intervals.


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