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Henkel: Quality You Can Trust
For decades, Henkel has designed and built high quality spraying equipment and complete spraying systems to work with its superior primers, lubricants and coatings. The Henkel total systems approach of offering customers one-stop shopping ensures that each product will meet or exceed expectations.

The Synergy of a Single Source
The company’s spraying equipment and spraying systems provide optimal performance with Henkel’s Frekote brand mold release product line. Henkel also supplies pressure-time controlled valves for the company’s high-performance portfolio of adhesives and primers, such as LOCTITE 770. Customers can rely on the LOCTITE brand name for long-term reliability and repeatable spraying performance.

Applications and Benefits
Strong and Reliable Systems That Work

With Henkel spraying systems, customers know they’re getting quality products from a company with an unmatched reputation in every industry served. Manufactured from durable materials and designed to withstand even the most difficult operating conditions, Henkel systems are built to last.

Adjustable Spraying Equipment
Henkel’s Frekote brand spraying applicators are appropriate for a variety of industrial molding operations. The forged aluminium body and stainless steel needle and extension provide consistent, long-lasting performance. Variable fluid adjustment allows for higher volume release agent applications.

The system is designed to work with the Frekote 10 litre Pressure Tank, which comes equipped with a pressure regulator and disposable polyethylene liners. The reservoir also comes with an adapter for easy connection to the Applicator via the recommended fluid and air hoses.

Fine Spraying Equipment
The company’s Frekote line of high performance spray applicators feature easy rotation of the spray extension for 360° application. This feature greatly improves the consistency of finish on each part, and reduces the chance of waste and over-application. The fine, pre-set atomization and material consumption of these applicators provides an even release agent coating on molds, and is especially suited for applications where mold build-up and the cosmetics of a molded part are significant concerns.

This system works with the Frekote Fine Spray Pressure Tank, made from stainless steel for corrosion resistance and compatibility with water based Frekote products. The Tank is also equipped with both fluid and air pressure gauges and requires no assembly.

Spray Valve and Controller
The Loctite brand spray valve and controller provides an effective solution for automatic spraying of low viscosity primers, lubricants, and fluids up to 1,200 cP. High performance design ensures effective control and the over-spray and positive valve shut-off virtually eliminates nozzle dripping. Customers can expect high precision and long-term reliability.

The Support You Need–From a Name You Can Trust

All Henkel equipment spray system solutions are backed by the best on-site service and technical support in the industry. The most effective solution to any workplace problem is just a phone call away. The company’s experienced technical representatives work with customers to assure optimal product and process performance.

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