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What makes a piece of paper into a highly functional tissue product?
A few grams of adhesive. Henkel’s special adhesives suit the most varied application in tissue industry. Whatever you want to glue, we provide you with the know-how for optimal adhesion in all production environments.

Ongoing communication with our partners in industry enables us to do this.

We conduct research in cooperation with machinery manufacturers in order to make sure that our adhesives bond at the right moment and in the right place, and to ascertain the best adhesive viscosity, tack as well as open and setting time.

Along with machine producers, we develop binding specifications and recommendations that make it easier for you to select the correct adhesive.

Innovations on the part of our business partners thus flow directly into our own research. Facilitating individual solutions to problems, in order to meet all of your needs.

 Core Winding - Cores made to order
Henkel’s adhesives used in core winding always achieve the desired final quality of the core, from rigid to soft.

Our product range, from dextrin-based products to polyvinylacetate-based adhesives, can work with any kind of paper/cardboard under different machine conditions, including high-speed manufacturing processes.

Full range available for specific technical requirements:

  • Rigid solutions to avoid curving effect 
  • Fast drying for high speed machines 
  • Optimal consumption 
  • Suitable for any type of cardboard on the market 
  • Products with FDA conformity


Laminating - Getting the “softness” right
Henkel laminating adhesives are adapted to meet customer specifications of high setting speed, excellent machinability and application without creating a dirty or sticky effect on the roll.

Henkel adhesives boost the price/performance ratio
Henkel offers a complete range of products for this application, from customized adhesives to ready-to-use versions, including adhesives for TAD, all of which offer an outstanding price/performance ratio.
Whether you require adhesives for a soft, rigid or medium roll, 2-4 ply toilet paper or 2-3 ply kitchen paper, you can count on Henkel for products that provide:

  • Full range available for specific technical requirements 
  • Fast setting time 
  • Clean machine running 
  • Optimal cost in use 
  • Products with FDA / BfR conformity

No matter what combination of papers is to be used, Henkel has the right special adhesive that offers efficient and consistent processing, even at high machine speeds.



Pick-Up - Getting the tack right
The different tack and structure of Henkel´s adhesives enables you to always get the best final release, and to profit from any application system. Henkel‘s broad product range always suits the required final quality of the roll and the production process:

  • Full range available for specific technical requirements 
  • Optimal consumption

Clean processing, efficient production
The special chemical nature of Henkel adhesives produces the best machining properties, as well as very clean processing. This reduces the need for cleaning and helps to decrease downtime and increase efficiencies. The Henkel range includes customized products and ready-to-use solutions. Trust Henkel adhesives for:

  • High wet tack 
  • Excellent dry release 
  • Good cleanability 
  • Products with FDA / BfR conformity


Tail Sealing - High performance with any system
The tail sealing application is critical, as it presents the visible image of quality of the finished roll. Henkel has developed a complete product range for this application based on the technological improvements of the systems and the requirements of the market.

Expect high performance on fountain, bar, gun and nozzle systems, with a limited penetration into the sheets and an excellent release. Our adhesives make it possible to choose the right “wet tack” for the paper, in order to avoid dirt during cutting and to provide superior release.

  • Full range available for specific technical requirements 
  • Very good wet tack avoiding flagging on converting line 
  • Excellent dry release 
  • Optimal cost in use 
  • Best quality look and feel for end user 
  • Products with FDA / BfR conformity

The changing types of paper and products in use keep our Research & Development team ready to develop new custom-made adhesives for any new industry trend or improvement.



Packaging - A discipline for specialists
Bonds for packaging materials vary greatly in their requirements, since many of the tasks they must perform are highly specialized. The adhesives systems of Henkel’s Technomelt line meet all the most important needs of product packaging:

  • Comprehensive application range
  • Excellent bond strength
  • Fast setting
  • Clean machine running
  • Complete system solutions
  • Cost-saving adhesive systems

Henkel is constantly refining the Technomelt product group so it delivers optimum performance for today’s and tomorrow’s applications.


Adhesin® FiberPlus Fiber Treatment

With this new cellulose fiber treatment, the process from the paper mill to the converting line gets innovated in an extraordinary way.

FiberPlus is a real softener and means a real point of difference and convenience for tissue production.

Increase Your Softness

  • Extra smoothness and silkiness 
  • Flexibility in changing market 
  • Higher quality 
  • Tailor made solutions available 
  • Easy to use 
  • Better and easier end-product positioning 
  • Fully water dispersible and biodegradable
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