Two-Part Dispensing

Henkel: Your One Stop Source
As the largest adhesive company in the world, Henkel offers an unmatched breadth of products for every application. But adhesives are only as good as the equipment used to dispense them safely and consistently in an efficient production line. That’s why the company also offers a full line of dispensing systems that assures optimum usage of every adhesive product.

Henkel provides an exceptional line of rugged and dependable epoxy dispensing units to apply two component epoxy adhesive products. Different companies have different requirements of their dispensing equipment, but at Henkel there’s a system for every budget and application. From hand-held manual and pneumatic applicators to larger LOCTITE brand dispensers such as automatic meter mix systems, reliable, long-term performance is assured.

Applications and Benefits
Henkel: #1 Because the Work Gets Done

The Henkel tradition of quality and design innovation is evident in every Two-Part Dispensing system. Such common workplace setbacks as unwetted components, cartridge changeover errors and dispense variability can be eliminated through the use of Loctite® brand equipment. The result? Downtime is reduced, and production line interruptions will no longer impact the bottom line.

Hand-Held Dispensers
Ease your employee’s workload with the most reliable and easy-to-use Dual-Cartridge Dispense System on the market. Both the manual dispenser and pneumatic support models have been crafted for unmatched dispensing accuracy, without requiring significant benchtop space.

These quality LOCTITE brand products are ergonomically designed for the hand delivery of two-part adhesives in 50 ml, 200 ml, 400 ml cartridges. The system easily integrates into any automated process. To assure optimal performance, the system provides both adhesive level monitoring and automatic detection of system faults, clogged nozzles and loss of pressure.

Meter Mix Adhesive Dispensing Systems
When two-part adhesive application must take on a larger dimension, Henkel has the solution. The company’s LOCTITE Meter Mix Volumetric Dispense Systems provide manual and programmable shot size control dispensing. Available with a wide selection of accessories, systems can be customized to meet each customer’s specific application requirements.

Customers can select either fixed or variable ratio units, for each of Henkel’s three featured systems – operator trigger control, manual shot size and programmable shot size. Each system meters dual liquid and semi-solid materials throughout a wide range of viscosities and ratios.

The Support You Need

An industry leader in machinery adhesives and dispensing equipment, Henkel has a network of specialists to assist customers with any production challenge. The company’s team of experts shares a century of know-how in adhesives, processing and the optimum combination of machine, material, and products. Plus, Henkel also offers complete engineering services for projects demanding expertise and support beyond the limits of the company’s standard services.

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