Volumetric Dispensing Systems

Adhesive Dispensing From the Adhesives Experts
Adhesives are only as good as the equipment that is used to dispense them safely and consistently in the production line. That’s why Henkel offers a full line of dispensing equipment that assures optimum usage of the company’s products.

Henkel’s LOCTITE brand volumetric adhesive dispensing systems provide dependable performance with both single or dual component adhesives packaged in syringes, bottles, dual cartridges or larger two-part bulk sizes. These programmable, positive displacement-dispensing systems ensure the highest level of precision on the market today. The result? A positive impact on our customers’ operating efficiency and bottom line.

Specializing in Superior Products
At Henkel, just doing a job right isn’t good enough. LOCTITE adhesive dispensing systems out-perform any manual, pneumatic, or pressure-time system, just what you’d expect from a company famous for its versatility and innovation in design. The systems can also be used for hand held or stationary operations, or are easily integrated into automated robotic applications.

Applications and Benefits
The New Age of Volumetric Control

With Henkel equipment, purely wetted components, wasteful adhesive dripping and cartridge changeover errors will no longer have a negative impact on the bottom line. All of the company’s volumetric dispensing systems have been designed for ease of use, flexible orientation, and high-precision dispensing accuracy beyond the capabilities of other systems.

Volumetric Bottle Adhesive Dispensing
For single-component, low viscosity fluids, the LOCTITE Benchtop Peristaltic Dispenser is a reliable and effective system that provides precise dispensing of fluids where a specific flow rate is necessary. Its electro-mechanic operation does not require the use of an air source. The system works by transferring liquids via pressure displacement applied by a rotor turning against a tube, that carries the material from the bottle to a dispense valve.

Volumetric Meter Mix Systems
When two-part adhesive application must take on a larger dimension, Henkel has the dispensing solution. The company’s LOCTITE Meter Mix Volumetric Dispense Systems provide manual and programmable shot size control of dispensing. Available with a wide selection of accessories, systems can be customized to meet each customer’s specific application requirements.

Customers can select either fixed or variable ratio units for each of Henkel’s three featured systems–operator trigger control, manual shot size and programmable shot size. Each system meters dual liquid and semi-solid materials throughout a wide range of viscosities and ratios.

The Support You Need–From a Name You Can Trust

All Henkel equipment solutions are backed by the best on-site service and technical support in the industry. The most effective solution to any workplace problem is just a phone call away. The company’s experienced technical representatives work with customers to assure optimal product and process performance.

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