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Henkel Corporate Citizenship Project in Venezuela

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Teaching Values to Students

As part of a company effort to help children learn to be responsible citizens, twenty employees from Henkel Venezolana volunteered their time by participating as teachers in Domitila Fernández Primary School, a school located in Estado Carabobo, about three kilometers from the Henkel adhesives factory.

Every Tuesday morning for eight weeks, the “Henkel teachers,” as they were affectionately called by the students, taught approximately 300 students from first to sixth grade values such as family, community and the importance of education through stories, games and role-playing activities which the children could easily understand. At the end of the project, a school party was held to celebrate what the students have learned. As part of the event, the students received a Pritt kit and a certificate of participation. 

“For me, it was a beautiful experience. I’m so pleased to work for a company that cares about the community and the development of future generations. This initiative helped me realize that we need to instill values relating to family and citizenship from a very early stage to children,” says Procurement Analyst Edujais Ramos who was one of the volunteers.

The project allowed the employees of Henkel Venezolana to live Henkel’s values and contribute to the sustainable development of communities and increase Henkel awareness at the same time.

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