Henkel MIT Initiative Round Table

12/21/2012, Düsseldorf / Germany


Henkel MIT Initiative Round Table

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Volunteering on a global scale

Promoting the scouting movement in Germany’s Lower Rhine region, craft activities with dementia and Alzheimer patients in Solingen, drilling for water in Cambodia and construction and operation of an orphanage in Burundi... The volunteering work of Henkel employees and retirees is diverse indeed, bringing improvements both great and small to the lives of thousands of people around the world. At the annual Round Table of the MIT Initiative (Make an Impact on Tomorrow), the invitees each had a chance to speak about their volunteering projects and the difference a Henkel donation can make. 

Kirsten Sánchez Marín, Head of Global Social Progress, took the participants on a quick tour of the world, presenting the MIT projects located in its various regions. “I am also particularly delighted that we have been able to support several MIT projects in the Middle East and Africa region this year, because volunteering in these countries has not yet become quite so well socially established as it is, say, in Europe and the USA." In the coming year, Henkel’s MIT Initiative reaches its 15th year of existence, and to celebrate this, a major new project is to be launched. “We hope to receive many ideas and suggestions from everybody, including you!" enthused Kirsten Sánchez Marín.

Speaking on behalf of the Henkel family, Simone Bagel-Trah thanked the volunteers present for their generous application: “The MIT is also highly regarded by the Henkel family,” assured the Chairwoman of the Shareholders' Committee and Supervisory Board. “Naturally, social engagement is part of our corporate and family culture, but we all regard the MIT as something very special. We travel to Henkel locations all around the world, and on such visits we also ask about the MIT projects being supported by the local employees and retirees. Their dedication is often quite moving. So I very much hope that together we can continue doing this valuable and effective work.”

For further information on the Henkel MIT Initiative, go to:

MIT Initiative

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Social engagement is firmly anchored in Henkel’s history and corporate values. We focus on helping people to help themselves.

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