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Woodworking trade journal “Holzkurier” honors Henkel brand Purbond

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Purbond declared Timberwork Adhesive of 2013

The woodworking trade journal “Holzkurier” has declared the Henkel adhesive brand Purbond “Timberwork Facilitator” of 2013. Research projects and collaborations that have revolutionized the adhesives industry, combined with fast and high-quality production credentials on which customers can rely, were among the salient reasons cited by the magazine for the accolade.

Purbond offers products for the classic glued wood category which covers materials such as construction timber, glue-laminated timber and cross-laminated timber. The brand’s polyurethane adhesives are also suitable for a wide range of other applications, including timber-steel-concrete composites. Purbond products in the form of single- or two-component PUR adhesives are sold to laminated timber manufacturers around the world.

Progress driven by innovative adhesives from Purbond
A good adhesive can be the key to success in many an innovative timberworking project. For example, the TimberTower wind turbine that opened this month in Hanover is made almost entirely of wood glued together with Purbond adhesives. One hundred meters high, the tower supports a 90 metric ton gondola with its three-bladed rotor.

The “Holzkurier” also mentions Purbond’s HB S system as a further example of the innovative strength associated with the brand. The working time of adhesives in this range can be varied between four and seventy minutes, freely selectable by the customer depending on what open time the process requires. And the journal also praises Purbond’s involvement in the development of innovative adhesives for hardwood bonding applications.

The sky’s the limit

More information about Purbond and the TimberTower project 

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