09/02/2005, Düsseldorf/Krefeld




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50 years of Henkel Fragrance Center - A tradition of innovation
Sniffing out new fragrances

If you are looking for a spot where everything revolves around fragrances, the Henkel Fragrance Center (HFC) in Krefeld is just the place for you. At HFC, six perfumers are constantly at work to come up with new, modern fragrances for hundreds of Henkel branded consumer products. But this is nothing new. HFC has been creating fragrances for 50 years.
Düsseldorf/Krefeld - The Henkel Fragrance Center blends tradition with innovation. For 50 years now, HFC perfumers have been developing fragrances to make Henkel's branded consumer products smell good. But the fragrances have not stayed the same over the years. With their innovative talent, the perfumers constantly come up with new ideas for modern fragrances.

There are only about 35 perfumers throughout Germany, and six of them work at the HFC. Approximately 9,000 metric tons of pure perfume oil are produced annually by HFC. For hundreds of branded consumer products, there are about 600 different fragrances. New, modern creations are added every year. The consumer might be surprised to learn that perfume is not only contained in his shower gel, but also in Persil, Bref and the Pritt Stick.

Though the Henkel Fragrance Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, its roots go back much further than that. It was Georg Wilhelm Melsbach, a businessman in Krefeld, who set up a soap factory in 1769. In 1920, the Dreiring Werke KG was founded, with headquarters in Krefeld. It served as an umbrella for ten soap companies with nationwide production sites. The Henkel Company acquired all of the shares in the limited partnership in 1953, but it was only in 1955 that the chemist Dr. Fuchs set up a perfume division in the Rheydt plant. This was to become the foundation stone for the Henkel Fragrance Center.