10/20/2005, Düsseldorf


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At the 1st MIT Initiative Photography Contest:
A smile is not enough

Employees and pensioners all over the world hunt for motifs with their cameras / More than 400 entries / Ten prizes

The Henkel Smile Program may have been behind it, but a smile simply wasn't enough. 118 employees and pensioners entered their amateur photographs in the 1st MIT Initiative Photography Contest. Motifs drawn from projects sponsored through the MIT Initiative, Henkel's Corporate Volunteering Program, were to be submitted. The jury had to judge the more than 400 photo motifs submitted by employees and pensioners from 26 countries. For the ten best motifs, there were monetary awards of 750 euros each, to be used to benefit the social projects in which the individual photographers are involved.
Christa Büchler, initiator of the 1st MIT Initiative Photography Contest: "I am overwhelmed by the immense interest our employees have shown in this first contest. For numerous motifs, the jury had trouble reaching a decision, as the quality and statement made by the photos were enormous. We will undoubtedly be inviting our employees and pensioners to participate in this contest again in 2006."

The motifs selected by the jury as the best ten show children and young people in the context of projects sponsored by Henkel and come from employees or pensioners in Mexico, Thailand, Burma, Nepal, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, and Germany (3).

In early summer 2005, Henkel asked employees and pensioners whose children's projects are sponsored through the MIT Initiative to take pictures of interesting motifs drawn from the broad field of volunteer work and to submit them for a photography contest. Possible motifs might show young people, old people, encounters, happy or sad moments, and situations communicating joy or hope.

The ten prize-winning photo motifs can be seen on the Internet at http://www.press.henkel.com

What is Henkel Smile?
Three of the ten principles of Henkel's corporate philosophy provide all 50,000 of the employees who work for the company worldwide with a clear positioning on social commitment: "We are dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility," "We are successful because of our people," and "We communicate openly and actively." All of these values constitute the basis and content of Henkel Smile, the Corporate Citizenship Program at Henkel. The Henkel Smile program is thus an important component of Henkel's sustainability policy, maintaining a balance between its economic, ecological and social aspects.

Henkel Smile represents the Company's overall commitment to society which goes beyond the scope of its business activities. The varied projects and support measures are concentrated on social commitment, environmental projects, scientific projects, culture, schools and education, art and sports.

The MIT Initiative stands for Henkel's Corporate Volunteering Program. Through it, since 1998, the Company has been supporting projects all over the world in which employees or pensioners do volunteer work for the good of society.